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Introducing the best online bookmakers in one place, including the leader in online betting, 1xbet. 1xbet is currently the largest global bookmaker, with more than 10 million people betting all over the world. Compare each bookmaker and their bonuses and if you are not yet registered with the market leader, we recommend opening an account with 1xBet.


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Every year, more and more users prefer online betting and gaming to visits to stationary bookmaker outlets or casinos. According to Zion Market Research (calculations as of the end of 2021), the sports betting market alone could be worth more than $155 billion by 2029. And if you add in gambling and other non-sports betting, the amount could approach $1.5 billion! Cool, right?

On our site you will find the most trusted online bookmakers with the best first deposit bonuses, bookmakers who have been operating for many years such as 1xbet, but also new, dynamically developing bookmakers such as 22bet. Choose your favourite bookmaker and get the best welcome bonus online!


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Below you will find a review of one of the best online bookmakers on the market, 1xbet. If you don’t have an account with 1xbet yet, we recommend you create one. Read the review and get the best first deposit bonus:


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100% bonus up to €100

1xBet registration1xBet registration

Review of 1xBet bookmaker

1XBET is one of the first online bookmaking companies – it was founded in 2007 and is based in Limassol, Cyprus. 1XBET has a gaming license. It is currently one of the largest bookmakers operating in the industry. It has over one thousand betting shops. In recent years, 1XBET has significantly expanded its operations, making expansions into new regions of the world. Customers can enjoy a platform that has an online casino, poker sites and a huge number of sports markets. 1XBET – like Unibet – allows fans to enjoy a wide range of features and services.

1xbet’s website

1XBET has a very clear and functional website. All available options are visible and easily accessible. The tabs are created in a logical way. The interface allows you to navigate the site quickly and efficiently. To place bets, you only need a few minutes after logging in. You can quickly find a list of events and sports markets. The main page also features a continuously updated betting slip where customers can keep track of their bets. In addition, betting options and potential returns are visible. On the homepage, you will also find a place where current promotions are visible.

1xbet mobile application

The 1XBET mobile app is very extensive and modern. Installing it allows users to watch live games. The list of available events is very long and impressive. This is definitely a big advantage of 1XBET. Users praise this possibility very much. Thanks to this they can stay up to date all the time. It is very easy to operate betting from the 1XBET mobile application, as it is very intuitive. What is important, 1XBET users can set up notifications. This way you will not miss anything. The user is always up-to-date with his/her bets.


The 1XBET mobile application is very friendly and customer-friendly. A mobile phone is something that everyone nowadays carries with them all the time. Thanks to the fact that the mobile application has the same features as the website, and is even more clear and intuitive, the use of 1XBET’s services can be constant and uninterrupted.

1xbet payments

1хБет - вывод средств The rules of the game at each bookmaker are similar. First of all, before we can start playing and betting, we must first deposit money to our account set up in the system. This is the same at 1XBET. Fortunately, we have a wide range of options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. This will vary depending on which country you are in. Quite a few payment options are individually assigned to specific countries. However, we will certainly be able to find something for every country. The choice of payment methods at 1XBET is huge. The bookmakers have agreements with various local service providers. Hence the differences in payments in different countries around the world. Some options will be available only in one specific country.

1XBET cooperates with many of the largest banks that operate in the country. It also cooperates with various financial institutions, both land-based and online. We have the option of depositing from less popular banks. 1XBET also allows us to use unknown credit card brands. The popular ones, such as Visa and Mastercard, are of course also supported. 1XBET’s deposit system operates daily without interruption. You can deposit money into your 1XBET account any day, even on bank holidays. The time is also irrelevant. You can use the deposit option at any time of the day. If you don’t want to use online transfer, you can go to a special deposit location. The deposited amount will be delivered to your 1XBET account.

Before you start depositing, it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the service, which concern the fees that are charged for making the cash transfer. It is also important to know how long it will take for the money to reach your account. If you care about time, choose a method that allows you to transfer money quickly. It is also best to use a commission-free option. There are so many possibilities that surely everyone will find an option tailored to their needs and possibilities.

When it comes to withdrawing money, the ways are also very numerous. If you want to learn about the withdrawal system, you will find it in the same tab as the information about deposits. There are fewer possibilities of withdrawal, but still enough for everyone to find something that suits them. The most popular are withdrawals to a bank account. They are definitely the fastest and the safest. Moreover, this method of withdrawal does not require us to pay any additional fees and no commission is charged. This is the most popular method. After all, every user wants the most profitable method of money transfer.

EUR 100 bonus on first deposit

Sign up to 1xBetSign up to 1xBet

1xbet security

1XBET bookmaker cares about the safety of its users. It is recommended to set up a two-step verification on your 1XBET account. This will limit the possibility of hacking into your account. When making withdrawals we have the possibility to use a code that will be sent to us via sms message.

An important aspect of using 1XBET’s services is the fact that the company is licensed to operate as a bookmaker. This is not at all standard with other bookmakers. Not all of them ensure fair play and thus we cannot be sure of the accuracy of our settlements. It can happen that suddenly our deposits are blocked. On more than one occasion there have been situations in which user data has been made available to other entities. This has happened because of improper administration.

This is why it is important to choose a bookmaker that is proven. We will then be sure that bets are conducted fairly and in accordance with the law. In addition, using the services of bookmakers who do not have the appropriate license, we as players are exposed to legal consequences. Therefore, it is not worth taking part in such procedures and supporting dishonest companies. To obtain such a license, 1xBET had to meet a number of different criteria. All this to ensure the safety and integrity of its customers.

A licensed bookmaker is required to make an appropriate deposit, which is treated as a security for the players using the service. This procedure is intended to protect players in case the company becomes insolvent. A number of such factors make it safe to play and the user can feel secure.

Securing your device

If you’ve already chosen a good bookmaker, take care of security on your part too. Not everything depends on the company you have decided to use. A lot depends on you. You need to make sure that the device you use to play is properly protected. It does not matter whether you are playing on a computer, phone or tablet. Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your device.

Beware of unknown links sent to you from unknown addresses, accounts or telephone numbers. Clicking on such links can often have fatal consequences. If you are careful, you are safe. This applies not only to safety related to your activity at the bookmaker. Caution and caution can protect you from hacker attacks. More and more often login data to various services are stolen, especially to electronic banking accounts. As a result of your carelessness you can lose your entire savings. Cyber criminals work very quickly and deliberately. Don’t be tempted by special offers or click on suspicious or unfamiliar links. If you have any doubts, delete the message without reading it. Do not give out your passwords or login details to anyone.

If you suspect that someone has tried to trick your login details at 1XBET, please report it using the contact form. This is a sign for 1XBET to reinforce its security measures and warn users about the activities taking place. If you make sure that your account does not fall into the wrong hands, nothing bad will happen. 1XBET ensures maximum security when using the service and withdrawing your money in your 1XBET account.

1xbet verification

You can use 1XBET from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. In each case the verification looks the same. The mobile app is very well done and therefore functional and clear even for new users. The mobile application is available for Android, Apple and Java phones.

What conditions must be met to register with 1XBet?

You must be at least 18 years of age. Playing at the bookmaker is allowed only for users of legal age. This is determined by law and there is no room for deviation.
You have not had an account at 1xBet before. It is not possible to create another account if you have already used 1xBet’s services and your account is active.
Sports betting must be allowed in the country where you are currently located
You accept the Terms and Conditions, which include, among other things, that sports betting can lead to loss of life for you and you agree to the risks taken.

You will be verified by the system if it is suspected that you are re-registering with the system. You may then be required to produce your passport.

How to register with 1XBet

1xBet registration using a mobile phone number

At 1xBet, registration using your mobile number is free of charge. Thus, this registration method is one of the easiest ways to create your personal account. This method requires you to have a mobile device and an active SIM card. After registering and providing your phone number, you will receive a message in which you will find your personal login. At this point, he will be able to set his private password. This is the easiest method to create an account and start using the service quickly.

Registration to 1xBet by one click

At 1xBet bookmaker it is possible to register with one click. This is the fastest and easiest way to start betting. Thus, it is the most popular way. The country and currency must be selected accordingly. If this is done, the player clicks “register” and saves personal data in a text document or as an image. He sends this file by e-mail. Due to its simplicity and speed, the largest number of users use this option. It is very successful.

1xBet registers via its social network

This is another way to register that requires minimal involvement from the user and is very fast and convenient. All the user has to do is choose which social network they want to use. He chooses his account and the corresponding currency. 1xBet receives all the necessary data through this. With your permission, this data is downloaded from your account in the respective social network. This will include, for example, your name, email address and phone number. This method is convenient not only because of the speed of creating an account at 1xBet. Every time you log in, you can use the social network. You do not have to enter your login details every time. The sites you can use to create an account at 1xBet: VKontakte, Yandex, and Telegram.

1xBet registration via e-mail

This is a method that uses your email address. Data from 1xBet will be sent to the address you provide. This registration requires you to enter the following details: name, surname, email, phone number, currency and password.


1xbet – bonus 100 $/€1xbet – bonus 100 $/€

What if you have lost your 1xBet password?

If you have not logged into the site for a long time, it may happen that you forget your 1xBet password. You will not be able to access your account. Don’t worry, after all, this is a temporary situation and you will quickly get it under control. To access your account again, please use the password recovery form. You will need to choose which password recovery method you would like to use. This may be a phone number or postal mail. In case you can’t remember either of these details, you’ll need to write a letter to support. Provide your details such as your name and send a scan of the document with your details.

1xBet’s technical support works very efficiently to assist their users with these types of problems. You will definitely get help quickly.

1xbet limits

1xBet bookmaker makes sure that we do not overdo the game. A signal for you will be, for example, that when you log in to your account the odds will be lowered. They will be significantly different from those you saw before logging in. This is a sign for you that you are under observation. You are then prompted to stop playing. If you don’t comply, the stake limit may appear. If you do not want to encounter such a situation, avoid playing with all the money that is in your account. If you have been given limits and still absolutely want to play, then you are left to play live.

At 1xBet you can enjoy a huge number of classic casino games. These will include for example slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and of course the very popular sports betting. In sports betting you can bet on a large number of sports. For example, football, hockey, boxing, basketball, volleyball, horse racing, racing and many more. You can bet on various events with the highest possible odds.

1xBet Casino – the most popular games

1xBet Baccarat


Baccarat is one of the most popular games. This is because it is very easy to learn how to play it. For this reason it is very popular among players. There are three options available for you to choose from. We have the possibility to bet on the “player” option, the “banker” option or the “tie” option. The minimum and maximum stakes are set before the match starts. Importantly, we do not have the option to bet on the “player” and “banker” at the same time. Once you have decided what type of bet you wish to place you can click on “Deal Cards”. Then both the player and the banker will each get 2 cards. The side that receives the most points will win.

1xbet Blackjack


Blackjack is a popular casino game. It is also known as 21. The biggest advantage of this game is that it is not complicated. The rules are quite simple and clear. The basic principle of blackjack is that the player’s goal is to get the points that are closest to the number 21. If you exceed the number 21, you lose. Blackjack is the highest possible combination in blackjack. It is a hand of an ace and a ten or any other figure. If you have this combination of cards, you get as much as 150% of the bet. In short, this means that if you wagered £10 in this game, you won £15. Each card in this game has a specific value.

1xBet Roulette


Roulette is a game traditionally played at a roulette table consisting of a wheel and a betting section. The wheel classically contains black and red pockets. These are numbered from 1 to 36. There is also a green pocket with the number 0. Online we have a visualisation of such a roulette table. You place your bets before the game starts. Each table has a minimum amount and a maximum amount. If you hit, you are the winner.

Registration bonus up to EUR 100

1xBet registration1xBet registration

1xbet sports betting

Here the range of possibilities is the biggest, as we have access to a huge number of sports at 1xBet. 1xBet is the best choice for people who want to place sports bets. It is a good option for beginners because the rules are clear and simple. Moreover, on the 1xBet website you will find detailed rules and instructions relating to sports betting. The execution of bets at 1xBet is express and reliable.

A huge and attracting advantage of 1xbet is the betting that takes place live. You have access to all the most important leagues and sports in the world at 1xBet. You can make bets on them. 1xBet offers American, German, English and NBA leagues, matches of sports such as football, volleyball and many other sports. You will find sports that you may not have known existed before. Thanks to 1xBet you will learn about them and you will be able to place your bets in them. Players all over the world can also place their bets. 1xBet is constantly creating improvements that make it much easier for its users to bet. As a result, there are more and more players. It gives them the opportunity to enjoy betting. Moreover, they provide themselves with a bit of adrenaline.

1хBеt and its prоmроrtу and interesting platform

1х Bеt is constantly developing and improving its platform to make it more attractive for users. As a result, there are more and more players. 1xBet is constantly coming up with new bonuses. This is an amazing advantage for users. In addition, there are constantly some promo codes for players who use the 1xBet portal. There are codes that allow you to increase the bonus amount that you have from your first deposit. This is a very attractive option for players.

The bonus gives players who use the 1xBet portal a unique opportunity to make large sums of money. The biggest advantage that attracts so many users is that they do not risk their own cash. By entering a promotion code they receive a free bet. If they bet correctly, they win money. However, there are requirements that need to be met in order to take advantage of such promotional free bets. First of all, each player can take advantage of such an offer only once. If he/she fails then he/she has the option to use another code from the promotion, but he/she has to buy it in the shop or via the internet. Moreover, the betting deal is to be 100 percent of this promo code. As for express bets, the number of events must not be less than two. The ratio for each of these events must be at least 1.8. Importantly, such bets can only be placed on results relating to pre-match events or simply live.

Is it worth using 1xBet’s services?

First of all, 1xBet is a verified and safe service. You shouldn’t have to worry about your personal data or your money. These are huge advantages, providing benefits to customers who use 1xBet’s bookmaking services. In addition, the speed and security of deposits and withdrawals also certainly works to the advantage. System reliability is the basis of 1xBet’s operation.

Importantly for experienced players, 1XBET has a huge number of betting markets on offer. These are not only basic and traditionally, the most popular sports, but also the newest ones, not yet known. Players have access to upcoming events from all over the world.

There is a welcome bonus for new players, which is quite substantial. During the use of the service we have the possibility to take advantage of numerous promotions, which certainly encourage the use of the service. This is always a nice bonus for users. Bets can be placed very quickly. It can be done within a few minutes. 1XBET has a lot of additional features. Very much appreciated is the mobile application, which at 1xBet works flawlessly and can be used at any time. It gives us the opportunity to stay up to date and keep track of our bets at all times. The verification of new users is done at an express pace as well as the creation of an account. Thanks to the case working technical support, all possible problems are solved in real time. 1xBet is currently the most popular bookmaking service, which is trusted by many users. No one should have problems with depositing and withdrawing funds because 1xBet has about 200 payment methods on offer.

Logo 1xbet
100% bonus up to EUR 100

1xBet registration1xBet registration

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