Betting on TV games at 22Bet

TV игры 22Бет
Almost all modern online bookmakers offer their users card games, roulette and slots. However, there are not many bookmakers that offer TV games, a modern form of real-time entertainment, in their offer. As you can understand from the topic, TV Games on 22Bet are available and they are in demand among bettors. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the “TV Games” section on the bookmaker’s website and show the features of betting on such entertainment.

TV Games at 22Bet: your choice of games

Currently, the “TV Games” section, which can be accessed through the top menu of the website, includes only 3 areas of online games:

  • TV Bet includes casino games from 22Bet. Card games such as poker, 21-points and joker are available to users here. You can also find keno and other lottery variations. The games take place continuously with some periodicity, allowing players to gather the necessary combinations and decide to take part in the draw. The total number of rooms is 15.
  • Hollywood TV is another variation of the popular casino games. Eight rooms await players here, with attractive girls taking bets on keno, roulette and wheel of fortune.
  • Live Loto is a classic lottery game that runs 24/7. There are 4 studios available for users to pick different winning combinations. The draws are conducted online.

ТВ игры 22Бет

Of course, compared to the offerings of top competitors, BC 22Bet’s offer is inferior. However, the bookmaker is starting to conquer the online gambling market, having prepared several dozen betting rooms. It can also be assumed that the number of games will increase. This is due to the great interest of bettors in this format of entertainment.

Features of betting in TV games 22bet

If you visit the “TV Games” page the user will find basic entertainment with casino: card games and lotteries from 22Bet. We partly mentioned them in the article about keno and bingo. However, we did not describe the difference between regular lotteries with offline or online coupon sales and the TV games at 22Bet:

  • In the first case, the player buys a ticket, fills it out or gets a ready-made combination of numbers. Then he waits for the draw, receiving information about the winning combinations on the website of the office. In this format, the bettor cannot check the credibility of the draw and will only rely on the credibility (integrity) of the bookmaker.
  • When a user selects one of the lotteries on 22Bet’s TV Games page he sees the draw in real time. This lets you see how the combinations are being formed and confirms that the cards or balls are being drawn without any human intervention. On top of that, the draw is hosted by a beautiful hostess who attracts the attention of the male players. Pretty girls is perhaps the calling card of TV Games at 22Bet.

Кено в 22Бет

Based on the described features of regular gambling entertainment and TV games 22bet, it can be concluded about the advantages of the latter. Firstly, they are open to players, which confirms the truthfulness of the results. Secondly, interacting with a live dealer or presenter is much more enjoyable than a “soulless” programme. Especially since some games have an opportunity to ask a dealer a question. Therefore, the TV Games format is worth a try for newcomers to the 22Bet bookmaker.

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