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Thanks to the ever-increasing number of internet connections, Ethiopia is also a country where betting and sports gambling are at their infancy. In the cities, we can see several betting shops, on which residents follow the current odds posted by local companies. We bring you the infromation that will help you to choose a professional without a long search, and in addition, we will tell you about the 100 EUR bonus that 1xbet Ethiopia will add to your account on your first deposit.

Gaming options at 1xbet

It all starts with the registration, which takes just a few minutes, and on top of that and the fixed deposit you will get a bonus of up to EUR 100 ready for your betting. It doesn’t end with the welcome bonus though, as you’ll also get bonuses during subsequent bets, which makes everything even more fun and increases your winnings. Simplicity and professionalism, these are also words that we can find at 1xbet Ethiopia from the first moment on the website or mobile app. The never-ending range of games at the casino or sports betting is complemented by the ability to watch live streams of various matches and bet directly online with it. 1xbet is one of the companies that offer some of the highest odds and is therefore one of our preferred companies.

Online betting in Ethiopia

The ever-increasing number of internet connections and availability of mobile devices is attracting new companies who welcome new clients from Ethiopia with open arms. Betting on football matches is very popular here, which locals watch and expect to take home their dream winnings thanks to their betting expertise.

Deposits and withdrawals at 1xbet Ethiopia

Deposits and withdrawals are possible with credit cards, as well as transfers from bank accounts. The easiest method is to set up an e-wallet, which has zero fees and allows a secure method for depositing and withdrawing your money. If you are a Bitcion currency lover you can also withdraw and deposit the required amount at 1xbet. Good luck with 1xbet, which offers some of the highest odds you can encounter in Ethiopia.

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100% bonus up to EUR 100

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