Website security: how do I pass the captcha at 1xBet?

Восстановление пароля 1хБет
The 1xBet betting site meets all the security requirements that apply to gambling. That’s why players, after registering at 1xBet, can not worry about losing their personal data. They are safely protected on the servers of the office. The company also fights against automation on the site: the use of macros and scripts to replicate human actions are detected and offenders are punished. Therefore, in this article we want to tell you about one of the ways of protection on the site, which is often criticized by the players. We’re talking about the reCAPTCHA service from 1xbet.

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What is a captcha at 1xBet?

The most common way of stopping bots is by using captcha. At 1xBet, the latest version of reCAPTCHA is used – checking users with an automatically generated picture order. The player is required to find all the images that meet the captcha query at 1xbet. As a rule, a person solves the task in the first attempt (less often in the second, third, etc.). If such protection is attempted by a bot, however, the chance of success tends to zero. Although text captchas that were used at the dawn of the 2000s, anti captcha services have learned to bypass them with 90% efficiency.

The bookmaker’s website uses a captcha with pictures (reCAPTCHA service). It is integrated into the forms for registration, logging in to the site (logging in to the personal cabinet of 1xBet), password recovery and coupon verification. Players may notice that there is not always a captcha from 1xbet in these forms. The fact is that the algorithm checks a person’s behaviour by IP address, clicks, page views and can recognise a person without going through additional verification.

How to go captcha on 1xbet?

Despite the fact that the process of passing the “bot” check is not complicated, some players have difficulties with captchas at 1xbet. As a rule, users are annoyed by the presence of the verification form. The fact is that it takes extra time, which the bettor can use to analyse bets and place bets. However, there is no way around the captcha from 1xBet. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Click the “I’m not a robot” button on the verification form. Often already at this stage the script will skip the player further, without showing any pictures.
  • When the form opens with 9 images, you need to find the right number of requested images – click on them. After checking the player’s actions, the player can proceed further.
  • If the player is wrong from the answers to the question, one more check has to be done. It is worth being attentive and not rushing.

These recommendations will be enough to quickly and painlessly pass the captcha at 1xbet.

Капча на 1xBet

How do I pass the captcha at 1xBet on my phone?

When using your phone, a player can either install the 1xBet app or bet on the mobile version of the site. In the first case, once logged into the app, the player does not need to enter any captcha. However, additional verification can be on the mobile version of the portal.

The whole process of entering a captcha in 1xBet on the phone is not much different from the computer. The player should also enter the pictures offered by the checker. However, the size of the smartphone screen should be taken into consideration. Since it is not always convenient to click on the pictures through the size, as the chance of missing is higher. In addition, not all players will understand what is shown on the images through their size. Therefore, it may take longer to pass the captcha at 1xbet on your phone.

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