What is double odds at 1xBet?

Ставка двойной шанс 1хБет
Experienced bettors prefer 1xBet to other companies also through a large number of selections. If you go from the “Line” or “Live” page, where events and main betting options are shown, to a specific match, you can find a lot of additional bets. Among other things, players will see double odds at 1xbet. What is such a bet on the outcome of the match? What are its features and when it is worth using such bets – we will describe in a new article.

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1xBet Double Chance: What is this bet?

In the article “Types of bets on 1xBet“, we looked at the main betting options that players can use on the site. However, we did not take into account betting options based on the outcome of the match. For example, bettors who choose single bets can place bets on single and double outcome (double odds), handicaps, totals and both score options. This greatly extends the player’s options for selecting such a prediction for the match to expect maximum winnings or to minimize potential losses.

New bettors often ask about thedouble oddsat 1xBet. This is a bet, in which the bettor bets on 2 outcomes out of 3 possible outcomes. If in a single outcome the user selects Team 1 (P1), Team 2 (P2) or a draw. In the case of a double outcome at 1xBet (1X), the betting option may be a win for the first team and a draw (1X), a win for the second team (2X) or a draw or a win for either team, except for a draw (12). These bets are shown in brackets on the bookmaker’s website.

Выбор ставки двойной шанс 1хБет

How do I bet on double outcome at 1xBet?

Bets on double outcome at 1xBet are very popular. That’s why the bookmaker puts them on the main screen with a list of sporting events. You can also find double odds bets by going to the match page. All possible selections for a bet, including the double outcome, will be displayed here.

Thus, to place a double odds bet at 1xBet, the player has to:

  1. Go to the “Line” or “Live” page. Here you should read the sports where doubles are possible, like football.
  2. Add a double outcome bet via the match overview page or go “inside” of the event in question.
  3. Specify the amount to bet.
  4. Finish placing a bet by clicking on the button “Place Bet”.

It is worth noting, double odds type bets can be used to assemble expresses at 1xbet and other combined bets. These can be found in separate articles on our website.

Ставка двойной итог 1хБет

What are the features of double odds betting at 1xBet?

Newcomers often get lost in a lot of information once they become familiar with the variety of bets and outcomes for matches. This also applies to the double odds from 1xBet. In fact, this betting option has a rather simple calculation scheme. Moreover, it is recommended to beginner bettors through a higher chance that the bet will play. However, users should pay attention to a number of features of 1xbet double odds, which we have compiled below:

  1. Lower odds for betting. The odds for each of the selections in the “double chance” bet are an order of magnitude lower (often 2 times lower) than for the single chance. This is due to the high probability of winning.
  2. A higher chance of winning a bet. The player places a bet on 2 outcomes out of 3 at once.
  3. Double chance at 1xbet is available only for those sports, where a draw is possible. For example, this bet is suitable for football and not possible for volleyball.
  4. A double outcome bet has the following abbreviations: 1X (first team wins or draw), 2X (second team wins or draw) and 12 (first or second team wins).
  5. In 1xBet you can mix and match selections containing the double outcome.

A logical question arises, “Is it worth placing a double odds type bet at 1xBet?” It depends on the user’s skills and ability to correctly predict the outcome of the match. However, the betting format itself is quite interesting and will suit beginners and professionals alike.

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