How do I delete my 22Bet account?

Личные данные 22Бет
If you are wondering how to delete your betting account with 22Bet, you either lost a big amount and want to finish betting, or you decided to play it safe and check all the possible escape routes before you started with 22Bet. However, these are not the only cases where it is worth taking care of personal details. A player should make sure that all his personal information will not be given to third parties and used without his knowledge. So this article will tell you how to delete 22Bet‘s account.

What are the ways to delete your 22Bet account?

To recap a hackneyed joke, we have 2 pieces of news (but both not very positive): it is impossible to delete 22Bet’s account completely with all data. The office operates on the basis of an offshore registration. The international license in Curacao was issued on 18.11.2018 and is valid for 5 years, i.e. until 2023. The office has no other licences, the is not regulated in Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, 22Bet’s website is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, we cannot be 100% sure that your data is in a safe place. But there is good news: in all the time of the bookmaker’s operation, there has not been a single precedent with the disclosure of players’ data even after they have been blocked for violation of the rules of use.

So unfortunately it is not possible to delete 22Bet’s profile with all the player’s personal data and betting history. No matter how hard you search for it, you will not find this function in your profile settings. It simply does not exist. If you make a request to the technical support service of 22Bet, you will probably receive the following answer: “We cannot delete your account, but you may stop using it”.

Настройки профиля 22Бет

According to our Terms and Conditions, a lack of activity in your profile for a period of 90 days will result in deactivation of your account. So if you don’t do anything and don’t login to your profile for 3 months your account will be frozen. That is exactly “frozen”, because you can still restore access if you wish. That way the office gives the player a kind of insurance in case of a hasty action (for example, a big loss and a desire to stop gambling activities immediately). Also, some bettors on thematic forums shared that they could log into their account without any problems even after 4 months. In other words, there is no confirmation that the account will be “frozen” automatically.

Apart from inactivity, there are quicker ways to get an account blocked. This is suitable for players for whom betting has become a bad habit and they want to end it, but are not sure of their stamina. You can provoke the blocking of 22Bet’s profile by breaking the internal rules of use. These include:

  • Betting on match-fixing.
  • Using various fraudulent schemes, placing bets on “forks”.
  • Being a direct participant in the game or match and influencing the outcome (this applies to coaches and referees).
  • Attempting to create multiple profiles.

These are more radical methods and there is no going back after them. If an account is blocked by the office, it is most often permanently blocked. Moreover, bookmakers can exchange information on the account of cheaters and offenders and the betting world will be closed to you not only on 22Bet, but also at other betting shops.

Запрос администратору 22Бет

How do I delete my details from 22Bet?

As we have already written above, there is no legal guarantee for citizens of Ukraine, Russia and other countries that their data will be permanently and irrevocably deleted. Moreover, bookmakers have such a tendency to keep users’ personal data for at least 10 years. In this way, they primarily insure against creating multi-accounts (when one player creates several profiles). This is forbidden by the rules of betting company 22Bet and such accounts will be blocked immediately. Secondly, the betting shops may mutually exchange information about cheaters and offenders in order to protect themselves against their machinations in advance.

The only thing you can do is to delete all possible contact information (phone numbers, email, etc.) in your personal cabinet before you decide to end the world of gambling. But not all information can be deleted from your profile. Some fields are blocked. You should also send a request to tech support to freeze your account after 3 months. Unfortunately there is no other effective way to delete your data from 22Bet.

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