What is total at 1xBet and how do I use it?

1хБет тотал в ставках
The 1xBet bookmaker offers users various types of betting on sports events. However, the most popular betting option among newcomers is the outcome of the match (first team win, second team win, draw, etc.). This is not surprising, as such outcomes are the easiest to predict. But if you look at the betting history of an experienced bettor, you can see betting on handicaps and totals. What is total in 1xbet and how to use this type of betting – read the article.

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What does total in 1xBet mean?

As you can see from the introductory part, total is a bet on a certain number of events. It may be the number of goals scored, points scored, cards, substitutions, etc. So the total at 1xBet is a very interesting bet, which can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

In the bookmaker’s line total is denoted by the letter “T”. In addition, users are offered bets marked “TB” and “TM”. Underneath these are the values of “total more” and “total less” respectively. The difference between these bets is not difficult to understand:

  • With “Totalmore” the player predicts that there will be fewer event outcomes in the sports match than the bookmaker offers. For example, a TB (0.5) in a football match means that at least one goal will be scored.
  • If one chooses the betting option “Total less“, the user expects the number of events to be less than the number offered. For example, a TM (0.5) in a football match means that no goal will be scored.

In addition to the classic total, bookmaker 1xbet offers players an individual total. This is the number of event outcomes that are linked to a particular team or athlete. On the bookmaker’s website such a bet is indicated by IT. Besides there is an opportunity to make an individual total more (B) and less (M).

What type of total on the 1xBet website?

Depending on the betting market you select, there are different totals available for 1xbet. They differ from each other by odds and method of calculation. In addition, it is possible to meet different names of totals, which are the same.

Users of the betting market 1xbet have such totals available:

  • Fractional (regular) totals are totals that contain halves in the numerical value, for example more than 2.5 or less than 1.5.
  • Integer tot als are bets which contain whole numbers, for example more than 1 and less than 2. Besides, in such bets it is possible to get money back if the match ends with the exact value of the total. As an example, we can take a bet on a football match with a TB 2. If the game ends 2-0, the bettor gets his bet back without any winnings.
  • Asian (quadruple) bets are bets where values with quarters are available, e.g. more than 1.75 and less than 3.25.

The specifics of calculating each of the totals at 1xBet can be found in the rules, on the bookmaker’s page.

Тотал 1хБет в ставках

How do I bet on totals and extra totals at 1xBet?

Newcomers may think that the bookmaker limits itself to betting only on TB and TM. A valid bet can be placed quickly by selecting the desired outcome on the events page. It will be sent to the betting slip immediately. All you have to do is to click on the box on the right and confirm the bet.

However, if you go to the event page, you can see many more offers from the bookmaker. You can see different values for the classic total and extra totals at 1xBet. To place the extra total, you need to read the sheet of odds and values and add the desired outcome to the betting slip. Then, as already described above, enter the amount to bet and place your bet.

As the selection of add-on totals on 1xBet is wide, we recommend you to start with the simplest variations. Place more complicated combinations only after gaining basic experience.

More questions about total at 1xBet

❓ 1xbet: what is a total?

A total is a bet that will be triggered if a certain numerical value is reached. The player can specify points, goals, cards, etc. as the outcome of events. Besides, there are different variations of the total, starting from individual totals with values for one side of the match up to halftime totals. To get acquainted with all variants, please visit the page of the sporting event.

✅ How do I bet the first half total in 1xBet?

First half total is an additional bet at 1xBet. To take advantage of this type of betting you need to go to the sports match page. Many outcomes will be offered here, among which there are halftime totals. They are placed in a separate section with the same name.

📋 Where can I find the extra total at 1xBet?

To use the extra totals in 1xbet you have to go from the page with all the sports events offered by the bookmaker to the individual match page. You will find all the possible outcomes to bet on here. Among them you can find several variants of additional totals.

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