What is the wheel of fortune at 1xBet?

Колесо фортуны 1хБет
After registering on the site, players have full access to the “PROMO” section. Here users will find dozens of promotions and different types of 1xBet bonuses. Among them, 1xBet’s Wheel of Fortune is very popular. Participation in this promotion allows bettors to receive points and valuable gifts. At the same time, the cost of spinning the wheel is quite democratic.

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What is 1xBet’s Wheel of Fortune promotion?

Wheel of Fortune (Lucky Wheel) at 1xbet is a promotional offer that operates on a permanent basis. As you can understand from the name, players are offered a kind of roulette, where special points and valuable gifts are available as winnings. The promotional wheel page is available under PROMO – Bonus Games – Fortune. One spin of the wheel costs 50 roubles or the equivalent of that amount in another currency. In addition, bettors have the option of receiving free spins. By taking part in other promotions, a player can be awarded 1xBet’s Wheel of Fortune freespins. It is also possible to exchange bonus points received for deposits and lucky bets on the promo code showcase page for free spins in Lucky Wheel. In this way, the player can increase his income for actively placing bets on the 1xBet website. 1хБет - колесо фортуны

Where is the wheel of fortune at 1xBet?

Despite the fact that 1xbet Wheel of Fortune promotion is available to all newcomers, not everyone is aware of its existence. The developers of the platform “shoved” the offer in the section “Bonus Games”. Although from experience, newcomers are more likely to go to the promotions and bonuses pages, bypassing the Bonus Games page. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are popular topics in the forums that answer the question “Where is the wheel of fortune in 1xbet?” As noted above, to find roulette with bonus points and valuable prizes you should go to the “PROMO” page. Next, you should visit the “Bonus Games” section and find the “Fortune” page. On it you will find the game with a brief description of the rules.

What prizes are available to participants of the wheel of fortune in 1xbet?

To take part in the promotion players need to pay their own funds of 50 roubles (or the equivalent amount) or use free spins. The latter can be obtained through the promo code showcase section, exchanging the accumulated points for freespins. We’ve written about how the 1xBet Bonus Programme works in a separate article. Users spinning roulette can win such prizes:

  • 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and 100,000 bonus points.
  • Phone, tablet or laptop (all Apple gadgets).
  • Other valuable prizes that may appear from time to time.

In addition, there are sectors on 1xbet’s wheel of fortune that will earn the user 0 points per spin. Therefore, losses are also possible, even as well as wins. Колесо фортуны в 1хБет

How do I win on the wheel of fortune at 1xbet?

You can find offers on the net from various scammers who are willing to share a winning scheme on 1xbet Wheel of Fortune. However, we want to disappoint readers: there is no scheme to win in this roulette. The whole strategy is based on paying/receiving a free spin and pressing the “Spin” button. Then, according to the bookmaker, the system randomly selects the prize. However, there is an algorithm in the operation of the game, which works in the bookmaker 1xBet’s hand. Therefore, prizes in the form of a large amount of bonus points or gadgets do not fall out often. In the experience of playing any roulette game, it’s worth making a few spins and seeing what the system gives the player. If you manage to win more than 500 bonus points in 1xBet’s Wheel of Fortune, you will usually win zero or 25 bonus points the following spins. In that case, you should wait a while and try to bet again. The same should be done if after the first 3-5 bets no interesting winnings can be obtained. Thus, the best scheme for winning in the wheel of fortune at 1xbet is to be calm. It is better to do a few spins at intervals than to blow your entire budget at once.

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