What is an anti-express in 1xBet?

Антиэкспресс 1хБет
Today, bookmaker 1xBet is one of the flagships in the sports betting market. The company’s product department is not only responsible for the development of the portal, in terms of technology, but also contributes to the emergence of new services for users. As an example, the anti-extras are available on the 1xBet website for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that in many sources such betting is inextricably linked with the 1xBet brand. If you are not familiar with this type of betting, our article will be useful to you. It will describe what the 1xBet anti-extras are and how to use them.

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What is an Anti-Axpress in 1xBet?

In the article about the types of betting at 1xbet, we’ve already mentioned anti-extras. Among other things, we touched on the definition itself. As you can understand from the name, it is the opposite type of betting to a parlay. And if a parlay is a bet consisting of several unconnected events. Then we can easily define an Anti-Multiplex at 1xBet. It is a bet on several independent outcomes, which will be played if at least one event is a loser. Thus, the main purpose of the anti-extras is to place a bet on those events that are set to lose. This is where beginners have a lot of questions, including “Why should you bet on a loss?” The fact is that combinations on outsiders allow bettors to win more often. This is the main advantage of this type of betting. However, unlike standard combination bets, 1xBet’s antikicker betting has a few drawbacks:

  • Low odds. Since players can bet on clear underdogs, the odds of winning will be much higher than in expresses. To minimize the risks and make a profit, the bookmaker offers low odds for all the antics at 1xBet
  • High margin. After calculating the anti-extras, the player earns a small profit. The bookmaker’s commission is much higher than in other types of betting and is embedded in the low odds.
  • Not available for all matches. Having seen an interesting event, the user may be disappointed by the lack of possibility to bet the 1xBet anti-extras. It is possible to find out about the availability of such a bet only after adding the outcome to the betting slip.

Despite a number of drawbacks, anti-extras are quite popular among users.

Where can I find the anti betting odds at 1xBet?

In order to find the anti-extras at 1xBet, the player has to go to the “Line” or “Live” section. On the page you should select more than two events and add them to the betting slip. In the window with the choice of the bet type, you can see if the anti-Axpress is available. As noted earlier, this type of combined bet is not available for all sporting events. You can only find out after you have added a bet to the betting slip. There is no other way to place an anti-Axpress bet at 1xBet. Other types of bets are available on the sporting event page, with the exception of combined bets. Антиэкспресс в 1хБет

What are the features of placing 1xbet anti betting odds?

Users who have not previously placed any combination bets can start their journey with the anti betting odds. Despite the small winnings, they are very easy to form. We wrote about this in the previous section. Although placing 1xbet anti betting odds is pretty straightforward, please pay attention to their features:

  • They must include at least 2 outcomes.
  • At least one outcome must be lost to win the bet.
  • The maximum winnings can be limited by the bookmaker (set by 1xBet limits).
  • Anti-extras are not available for all bets.

There are no other important features for placing anti-extras at 1xbet. For our part, we recommend adding as many events to the combination as possible. This will considerably increase your chance of winning.

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