What is an advance at 1xBet and how do I use it?

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It is not uncommon for players to have a situation where they have placed a bet on an interesting event. After that, another tempting offer (high odds for the outcome) appears on the website, but there is no available cash. In that case you should either top up your 1xBet account or take advantage of 1xBet’s cash advance. What an advance is, how to get, use and redeem it will be discussed in the new article.

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What is 1xBet cash advance?

The bookmaker’s office offers loyal users additional privileges. They are expressed in higher limits for winnings and services such as, for example, the 1xBet betting trustee. We have written about this type of betting in a separate article, which we recommend you read. You can find information in it, including the 1xBet betting advance. 1xBet advance betting should be understood as money which is loaned by the bookmaker. They can be used to place bets under certain conditions. This way, the user has an additional tool to quickly place a free bet and get the winnings.

How do I get an advance at 1xBet?

As noted earlier, the 1xBet advance is not available to all users. Players who have made at least 10 bets on the site can get money in advance. In addition to this criterion, there is another important condition: the mandatory presence of at least one unmuted bet. This is the bookmaker’s “guarantee” that he will get his money back if the bet does not work out. To get an advance at 1xBet you must deposit money in your account and place a bet. When your own funds are not available or not enough, you can add another event to the betting slip and check out the bookmaker’s offer. If the user has been loaned the amount, it will be shown in the “Available Advance” line. Otherwise, the player is left with more active use of the bookmaker’s services. There are no other ways to get an advance from 1xBet.

How is an advance at 1xBet calculated?

Once players find out about the possibility to use an advance at 1xBet, they wonder about the available amount to bet. The bookmaker’s office does not disclose the exact algorithm by which 1xBet’s advance is calculated. However, experienced bettors are made aware of this information:

  • The amount of bets not settled affects the amount of the advance. The more of them, the higher the advance betting amount.
  • The advance amount does not exceed 50% of your potential winnings on bets.

1хБет - Доверительная ставка Let’s give a quick example. Suppose a player has $100* on his balance. He has placed two bets:

  • $40* at odds of 1.5. The potential winnings are $60*.
  • $60* with odds of 2. The potential winnings are $80*.

The player can thus make up to $140 in betting profits. In this case, the amount of the advance will not exceed $70*. Although from personal experience it will be less, in the region of $30-40*. *Or the equivalent of this amount in another currency

How to use 1xbet advance?

The whole process of using 1xbet advance is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to choose a sport event in pre-match or in play. The match must take place within 48 hours.
  2. Add the outcome to the bet and check the size of available advance bet.
  3. To place all or a part of the deposit as a trust bet.

In case the entire advance has not been used, it can be applied to place another trust bet. The bookmaker does not limit the bettor in the number of bets that can be placed in advance. The main thing is that an advance in 1xBet is available for this purpose.

How do I repay an advance at 1xBet?

After a player has used an advance at 1xBet, the question arises as to how to repay the debt. To do so, the player does not need to do anything. The bookmaker will automatically debit the funds according to the following scheme:

  • If the betting operation is successful, the user will receive the winnings except for the deposit.
  • If the betting operation is lost, the betting advance at 1xBet will be repaid from the bet(s) placed by the player.
  • If own bets are lost, the debt will be deducted from the player’s account. Thus the user will not be debited with the funds for the next deposits. However, this may affect the amount of the advance in the future.

Доверительная ставка 1хБет The bookmaker’s office does not charge the player any additional fee for using the advance in 1xBet. Therefore, this service is of great interest to bettors.

More questions about 1xBet cash advance

💵 What does advance in 1xBet mean?

An advance at 1xbet means funds that the bookmaker lends to the user. The company does not charge a fee for this service. However, not all bettors can take advantage of the advance. You can read more about the details of getting the bonus in the article.

💸 How does the 1xBet cash advance work?

When a player has outstanding bets, bookmaker 1xBet can lend him free funds. You can use them to place a trust bet. How much of the advance is provided by the bookmaker and how it is calculated is described in the article.

✅ How do I take an advance on 1xbet?

To take an advance on 1xBet, you need to place more than 10 bets on the betting site. After that, the bookmaker will calculate an advance for the bettor for each unmuted bet. The player can use it to place trust bets. The number of bets placed using the credit is unlimited.

🎰 How to bet in advance at 1xBet?

In order to place a bet in advance a player has to first bet for his own money. After that, you can choose another event of interest and add the outcome to the betting slip. In the window with bet parameters there is a line “Available advance”. If the bookmaker provides such a service to the user, the amount will be above zero. In such a case, the player can bet in advance at 1xBet: specify the available amount for the bet and place it. After that, a trust bet will be formed.

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