What is a handicap at 1xBet and how do I use it?

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The 1xBet betting offer includes many sporting events. However, not all the matches the bookmaker offers good odds. If you are interested in a particular match and the odds on whether the player or team will win are not high, you can bet on total in 1xBet or on a handicap. The latter type of bet will be discussed in today’s article

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What is a handicap in 1xBet betting?

Beginners often use the easiest of variations, i.e. victory for one team, a second team or a draw. But as you get more and more experienced, you tend to prefer the totals and handicaps. A handicap at 1xbet is a bet on a team or an athlete with a value added to the final score. It can be a goal in football, pucks in hockey, points in tennis or other statistical indicators. Handicaps are identified by the letter F with the addition of a hand (1 or 2), the numerical value and the sign “+” and “-“. For example F1(0) and F2(+1). Proceeding from this the forms are divided into positive, negative and zero. Let us briefly describe the characteristics of each type by sign:

  • Positive handicaps are bets with or without a plus sign. In this case the selected side gets the advantage. The user assumes that the player or team must not lose by this margin. For example, the user bet F2(+1) in a football match between France and Ukraine. To win, the player needs the Ukraine team to win the match or play a draw. If he loses by 1 goal, the bet will be returned in full and if he loses by 2 or more goals, the bet will be lost.
  • Negative handicaps are bets with a minus sign. In these bets the side must win with the advantage indicated in the handicap. For example, in a football match between Poland and Estonia, F1(-1,5) means that the Polish team must win with a margin of 2 goals or more. In the case of a 1 goal win, a draw or a loss, the bet will not be refunded.
  • Nil – betting on equal opponents. In this case the main thing is that the bet must be played, the difference in the score is not taken into account. For example, in a football match between England and France, F1(0) means that the bet will win if the English team wins (the number of goals does not count). If the teams draw, the bet will be refunded and if they lose, it will be forfeited.

Some sources give a separate type of handicap on statistics. In these bets other numerical values are taken into account. However, they do not differ much from ordinary forwards in their type.

What are the different types of handicaps at 1xBet?

Forfeits at 1xBet are quite a popular betting type among users from many countries and markets. The bookmaker’s website has the following options available: fractional and integer (regular), European (handicaps) and Asian (quarters). Let’s take a look at each option:

  • Fractional are handicaps that contain halves in numerical values and integers in integer values respectively. For example, F1(+0.5), F2(-2.0). The difference between the two is that a handicap with an integer handicap is refundable, while a handicap with a fractional handicap is not.
  • AEuropean or handicap handicap is a handicap which gives the player 3 betting options at once. In this case the winning is possible only when the match will end with the selected numerical value. For example, for a European handicap (2-0) in football, the first team must win by 2 goals. A 3-0, 1-0 win is a loss for the bet. Other match outcomes will also result in a loss.
  • AnAsian handicap is a handicap that uses quarters. This bet uses 2 bets with adjacent values – a handicap with a half and an integer. For example F1(-1,25) means both F1(-1,0) and F1(-1,5). Therefore some bookmakers refer to such a handicap as double odds.

1хБет линия ставок European, fractional and integer handicaps are the most popular among Eastern European users. All of these variants can be found on the 1xBet website

What is the difference between handicap and handicap at 1xBet?

A quite frequent question among newbies is “Is handicap and handicap at 1xBet the same thing”? The answer depends on which terminology and interpretation to use. In our article only European handicap refers to handicap. We use the terminology used by the bookmaker 1xBet. However, in various sources on the internet you can find parallel uses of handicap and handicap (synonyms). If you look at the principle of handicap calculation on the site of the bookmaker’s office, only those bets where the numerical value in the outcome is respected will be winning. No refunds are given. A handicap is therefore a European handicap, as described above. If we take other variants of handicaps according to the indices, the users have the opportunity to win at different outcomes of the match or return the bet. And this is not exactly the handicap that is calculated on the 1xBet betting site.

How do I bet on a handicap at 1xBet?

The process of placing a bet on a head start is fairly straightforward. The only nuance may be the correct choice of betting format. The bookmaker 1xBet offers different numerical values, which are worth considering before placing a bet. It is also important to become well acquainted with the match before placing a bet. A misunderstanding of how handicaps work at 1xBet can lead to the loss of a bet. In order to place a bet on form at 1xBet you must:

  1. Choose the bet you are interested in from the bookmaker’s offer.
  2. Choose the desired numerical value. For this purpose it is possible to go to the betting page and to see all available options. If the player is on the page with all events, it is worth to click on the numerical value between the odds. Then the window for selecting values will open.
  3. Click on the desired odds and transfer the bet to the betting slip.
  4. Enter the size of the bet and select other values for placing a bet.

Ставки на фору 1xBet As you can see, placing a handicap doesn’t take much time. More attention should be paid to predicting the outcome. This is what success in betting is all about. For beginners, we recommend our Betting School.

More questions about 1xBet handicaps:

✅ What does handicap in 1xBet mean?

A handicap is a bet in which one of the sides gain an advantage in numerical terms (number of goals, points, fouls, etc.). The result of the betting depends on the number, the sign (plus or minus) and the type of bet. More information about calculating forfeits can be found in the article.

▶️ What are the different divisions of 1xBet?

There are several ways of classifying forwards: by sign and by type. Looking at the sign, we divide forfeits into positive, negative and nil. By handicap we differ between Fractional and Integer handicaps, European handicaps and Asian handicaps. A brief summary of the special features of each handicap is available in the article.

❔ How do I place a handicap at 1xBet?

In order to place a handicap the player has to select the required numerical value and then the odds to bet. You can do it on the betting page or in the bookmaker’s line section. Then the standard procedure follows: add the outcome to the betting slip and place a bet for the desired amount.

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