What is a 1xBet mirror and how can I find one?

Официальное зеркало 1xBet
If 1xBet’s website is blocked by internet providers, players can easily access it via special mirrors. The bookmaker offers bettors several website addresses with different domain names, which will lead to the 1xBet portal. What is a 1xbet mirror and how to find a different portal address to enter will be discussed in this article.

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What is a 1xBet mirror?

While a physical mirror shows the sun’s rays and lets people see their reflection, a website mirror lets people visit a copy of the portal in case it is blocked. From this we get the definition: a mirror of a website is an exact copy of the original site that is hosted on a different domain name. In this case, physically the sites may be located on the same hosting. The administrator only changes the IP address and domain name for the mirror.

The purpose of the 1xBet mirror site is to give players access to the platform despite restrictions by local internet providers. The issue is relevant for residents of countries where offshore bookmakers are banned, such as Russia. By accessing the 1xBet mirror, the bettor may not use the VPN service. When logging in to the cabinet, the player will see his current statistics, balance and will be able to adjust bets placed earlier on the official version of the 1xBet website.

Зеркало 1xBet

How to find a 1xBet mirror?

Up-to-date information about 1xBet mirrors can be found on the official website of the bookmaker. In order to visit the portal, in case it is blocked, it is worth using a browser with an IP-address change extension. Opera, for example, has an in-house VPN service for accessing banned sites. Next, the player should go to the “Blocking circumvention” section and install the 1xBet Access software. With its help, the player will always know the current mirror of 1xBet website.

It is also possible to find 1xBet bookmaker mirrors through a search engine. However, you should be careful. Attackers are interested in gaining access to your account. That is why it is possible to get to clone sites of gambling portals on the net. Of course, getting money out of your account is not that easy. However, the information may come in handy for hacking your mail (if you choose the same password) and subsequent access to the financial services used by the player. That’s why we recommend setting up two-factor identity verification on all services.

How to access 1xBet mirrors?

To go to 1xBet mirror bettor should find an actual copy of the bookmaker’s website. Visiting the portal and installing the 1xBet Access application will help. We also recommended to use search engines (we wrote about them in the previous section). However, once again, please note that it is worth checking whether the site is an official copy of the 1xBet portal. This can only be done on the gambling portal, for example by writing to support (if the player does not want to install the app).

We told you how to use 1xBet mirror on your phone or computer in one of our articles on the website.

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