User ID: how do I find out my 1xBet ID?

Как узнать свой ID в 1xBet
Newbies inexperience may not write down their ID number. Especially when they use the quick “1-click” registration method. If they do, they may have trouble logging into 1XBet. It is worth being careful to avoid such a situation. However, what should you do if a player forgets his 1xBet ID? How do I find out my 1xBet ID? These and other questions will be discussed in the article.

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What is 1xBet ID?

During the creation of the account, the player is assigned a customer ID or ID. It is a ten-digit set of numbers that is the number of the bettor’s game account on the bookmaker’s website. 1xBet ID plays an important role for the player. It can be used to:

  • To log into your personal 1xbet account on the same level as your phone number and email.
  • Contact support via hotline or chat if the player is not logged in to the account.
  • Top up your account in terminals: you need to indicate your account number for the transfer.
  • When solving a dispute with 1xBet, to prove that the account belongs to the bettor.

That’s why it’s important to save your 1xBet ID when you create your account, so that you don’t waste time looking for it and recovering it later. But if you do encounter such a problem, here is the solution.

What do I do if I forgot my 1xBet ID?

If a player has not recorded his 1xBet customer ID, you can find it out by logging in to your personal cabinet. To do that you need to log in and go to the “Personal details” section. The “Account number” line will contain a ten-digit number. This is the ID in 1xBet. If the bettor created his account “in 1 click”, then to find out your 1xBet ID, you also need to log in to your personal cabinet.

However, there are situations when a player has lost or forgotten his username. You can use your e-mail address, phone number or ID to log in. What would seem to be so difficult to try to restore the password via e-mail or phone number? The support service of 1xbet shared stories when users have had their phone number changed or their mail has long been blocked or “stolen” by intruders. In that case, it is not possible to get the code by SMS or email, as there is no access to them. Then you can use your 1xBet ID as an alternative login to the bookmaker’s website.

To find out your 1xBet ID, if you can’t access your account, you need to contact the support team. You can do it by sending an email, requesting a chat or calling the hotline number. Below we will tell you how to find out your 1xBet ID in each case.

How do I know my 1xBet ID by email?

A bettor can find out the current support address on the Contact page. After selecting the correct department, you need to write an email with the subject “I forgot my ID. Please help me to find out/restore it”. In a message it is worth to describe the problem and provide confirmation, so the support service can find the profile and then identify the person. Transfer receipts and passport data (in case of verification of the account) will help with this.

Как узнать идентификатор 1хБет по email

How do I know 1xbet ID from my phone number?

A player can contact the hotline number if it is available in the country of residence. After connecting with the operator, it is necessary to state your problem and send the supporting documents to the postal address. It is also worth providing additional information to the administration.

How can I find out my 1xBet ID in the online chat?

The way to get the customer ID through contacting 1xBet support team via live chat, except the method is not different from contacting via mail. You should also describe the problem and provide copies of receipts or passport details to verify the request and provide the 1xBet ID.

The success of getting ID information from 1xBet depends on the availability of supporting documents. The more proof a player has, the quicker the issue will be resolved and he will know his 1xBet ID.

Как узнать ID на 1хБет в онлайн-чате

How do I recover my 1xBet ID?

In case the player is unable to log in to the personal cabinet through blocking the account, it is a difficult task to restore the ID in 1xBet. The bettor can also contact support through any of the available channels, but the solution to the issue will not be easy and not always positive. With minor infringements (the account is frozen), the bookmaker may give the player a second chance and grant access to the profile. If the account has been disabled (deleted), it cannot be restored. The only thing the bettor can ask for is permission to re-register. However, the decision to grant access to the platform remains with 1xBet.

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