Types of bets on 1xBet and their features

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The gambling market is booming worldwide. Competition among bookmakers and new technologies that allow you to place bets remotely contribute to the rapid development. So, it is not surprising that 1xBet, fighting for the leadership in the market, is trying to diversify its offer. This also applies to the emergence of new betting types 1xBet. What types of bets are available to the users of the office and what are the differences between them? Let’s answer the questions in the article.

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Available types of bets 1xBet

Beginner bettors are usually familiar with single bets (ordinarians) and 1xBet express bets (compound bets). However, the bookmaker offers many more betting types for players. In addition to classic bets (singles and combo bets), users can place variations of these bets on the site: making chains, systems, trust bets, etc.

The bookmaker is constantly working on expanding its offer. For example, in 2019, anti-extras, lacs and patents became available to users. We therefore recommend that you familiarise yourself with the current 1xBet betting types described in the rules. To do that, you have to go to the “Rules” page in the “Information” section (the menu is at the bottom of the page). Point 4 deals with the types of bets on the bookmaker’s website. At the time of writing there were 11.

Characteristics of types of bets at 1xBet

As noted above, in addition to single and express bets, bettors can take advantage of another 9 types of bets at 1xbet. Currently, the bookmaker offers bettors the following types of bets:

  • Single bets (single bets) are bets which contain one outcome on a single sporting event. If the user wins, he receives the winnings, which are equal to the sum of the bet multiplied by the odds.
  • Express bets (expresses) are bets on 2 or more independent* outcomes of matches. The amount of winnings depends on the number of selections (additional odds can be applied) and the specifics of calculating the winning for the bet (no losing outcomes can be allowed in the combination). The winning of a Parlay is calculated by multiplying the stake by the odds of the outcomes.
  • A system is a combination of expresses of a certain size and a pre-selected number of events. Thus, it is possible to include in the system express bets, which contain only pre-match events. The maximum number of variants in the system is 184756 and the number of events is 20. The calculation of winnings is made according to the scheme described in the rules.
  • A chain is a set of ordinaries on independent* events. The user himself determines the order of bets in the combination and the amount for the first bet (it is the initial sum of the chain). After the event has been played the amount for the next bet in the combination is decided. If after the calculation of the outcome the sum of the chain is equal to zero, the bet is considered to be lost.
  • Trust bet – a bet that the user places for the funds provided by the bookmaker as an advance. The amount of the advance bet is calculated by 1xBet on the basis of the bettor’s undrawn bets. Trusted bets are available to regular users who have not violated the bookmaker’s rules. Newcomers should build up credibility on the site to take advantage of this type of betting.
  • Promocode betting – a bet for which the bettor pays nothing. The bookmaker provides the player with a special code, which allows them to form a single or express bet. However, the winnings will not be credited to the main account, but to the bonus account and must be wagered. Wagering conditions depend on the promotion.
  • Amulti bet is a bet that consists of single and/or express bets. The user may use a lobby (a result that will affect the winning of the entire bet). In such a case, the success of the entire multi bet depends on the selected condition. If no lobby is selected, the combination is calculated as a system. The amount of winnings depends on the use of lobby.
  • Conditional bet – a bet consisting of single and multi bets on independent* events. The order of selections in a conditional bet is up to the user. The winning is also calculated in the order selected by the bettor.
  • An Anti-Match is a combination of more than 2 outcomes. As you can understand from the name, the bet will play if all matches are lost. The odds of winning on the Anti-Match is counted through the opposite probability from the Parlay. The rules page has several options for detailed calculations.
  • Lucky – a bet involving 2 to 8 single or express bets. These can be elastically combined together to make a handsome winnings. The size of the winnings depends on the types of bets, the number of selections in the expresses and the odds.
  • A Parlay is a combination of 3 to 8 selections with different numbers of outcomes. The scheme for calculating the winnings can be found on the 1xBet rules page.

*The result of one bet does not affect the other.

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Features of 1xBet betting types

After reading the brief descriptions of the betting types at 1xBet, it may seem that they are similar. Indeed, the differences between single and express bets are easy to see. However, what is the difference between a system and a parlay? To highlight the features of each bet type, we have prepared a table:

Betting type at 1xBet Characteristic feature
Single Single event, exact settlement
Express bet A bet consists of more than 2 selections. Losing one event results in losing the Parlay.
System A combination of parlay selections. Wins are counted individually for each bet and then added together. Some of our Parlay selections may be lost.
Chain A combination of multiple events. If the first selection is lost or the entire amount is lost in a chain, the bet is lost.
Confidenza Receiving a betting advance from the bookmaker.
Promocode betting A free bet. The winnings must be won back.
Multi bet Bets on 3 events. The winnings are calculated in the same way as in the system.
Conditional bet The next stake of the combination may not be higher than the one in the previous combination.
Antiexpress The events in the slip must be lost.
Lucky If at least one selection is successful, the bet wins.
Patent At least 2 events of the combination must be played.

The variety of bets on the 1xBet website allows bettors to form the best combination of bets to get the maximum winnings. However, beginners should keep in mind that in order to be successful, it is important to understand the terms of each betting type. You can find comprehensive information on the bookmaker’s portal, in the “Rules” section.

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