How to remove 1xBet: adverts on computer and browser

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Betting company 1xBet is trusted by hundreds of thousands of gamblers worldwide. This result the company has been able to achieve thanks to decent brand promotion methods. However, some users (not always bookmaker users) may encounter the appearance of 1xBet advertisements on their computer, primarily in the browser. Accordingly, such ads of the bookmaker 1xBet irritates and causes negative emotions to PC users. This article will tell you how pop-ups appear and how to delete advertisements from your browser and computer.

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How do advertisements for 1xBet appear on your computer?

There are a lot of questions on the Internet about how to remove 1xBet ads from your computer. As already mentioned in the introduction, the bookmaker does not use aggressive marketing methods. Therefore, it is not his handiwork. Who then promotes the brand through the distribution of annoying ads and malicious scripts? If you look at the content of the pop-up banners you may see an offer to click on a link and register for a bonus. There may also be general advantages of 1xBet bookmaker. However, in either case, there will be a special code in the URL when you click on the link. This indicates that the owner of the advertising script is involved in the 1xBet affiliate programme. This is the way the malicious code is spread by dishonest users. Therefore, let us tell you how to remove 1xBet advertisements from your computer.

How do I block the 1xBet advertisements?

To get rid of 1xBet ads, it is necessary to understand under what conditions they appear. As a rule, users see the main page in the browser, which appears when launching it with information about the bookmaker. It opens automatically and redirects to a page of the betting company with a proposal to create a 1xBet account. The second way the 1xBet virus manifests itself is through the appearance of pop-up windows while working at your PC. The appearance of banners is scheduled and they also lead to the site of the office. The third option: a 1xBet mirror will open when you log in to the official website. This resource can be used to get the username and password to steal the bettor’s personal data. Once the 1xBet virus feature has been identified, it is possible to take action to disable the advertisement. Let’s describe them for particular cases.

How to remove 1xBet from my browser?

To clear your browser from ads, you should first check the settings: which page is indicated as the main page during the download. It may have been substituted by the “right” page for the attackers. It is also worth checking the installed applications. If there are suspicious ones, disable them and see how the browser works. If a malicious application is detected it should be removed. If you don’t have time to check your browser manually or if a malicious script has tampered with certain browser files, you can install Adguard to scan and remove the malicious scripts. In case this method does not help either, you should use Kaspersky, DrWeb Cureit, ADW Cleaner, Anti-Malware Home or other programs to scan your computer. You can also uninstall and reinstall the browser by first saving your profile (physically or in the cloud).

How can I uninstall 1xBet from my computer?

In order to remove 1xBet from your computer, there are a few steps to be taken:

  • View the applications that are started at system startup via the task scheduler. The scheduler can be found through a search or by using Win+R and entering the command msc. If there are suspicious programmes in the list of autorun applications, stop them or remove them.
  • Check your computer with an existing antivirus. May be able to detect malicious scripts.
  • Scan your computer with special software such as Kaspersky, DrWeb Cureit, ADW Cleaner or Anti-Malware Home. We recommend enabling the highest scanning level.
  • Install Malwarebytes and scan your computer. All malware should be removed.

After blocking 1xBet ads, we recommend checking your computer once a month for malicious scripts via Malwarebytes or alternative applications. We also recommend you to be more careful when installing programs or viewing downloaded archives. You should also install a safer antivirus to use the Internet safely.

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