How do I sign up for 1xBet without a passport?

Как зарегистрироваться на 1xBet без паспорта
In the answers to questions about how to pass the ID check at 1xBet, we wrote briefly about registering players without a passport. However, this is a rather extensive topic of interest among novice players. So let’s try to talk about the intricacies of registering at 1xBet without passport and without TSUPIS (relevant for RF residents).

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How to sign up to 1xBet if you are not 18?

According to the conditions of 1xbet bookmaker’s office only adult users can place bets and play roulette, poker, etc. At the same time, the verification scheme is built in such a way that a minor bettor can register on the bookmaker’s website. To do so, just choose one of the ways to create an account at 1xBet.

Once logged in, the user can enter any data in the personal profile, deposit money into the account, place bets and receive winnings. However, in order to withdraw money, the bookmaker will require proof of identity. Therefore, entering data “off the top of your head” is not an option, as it will not be possible to confirm it. And if the player wants to change his name, surname, address in the card, the office will require documents for the change of name and residence. If they do not, the profile will be blocked.

Thus, it is possible to register at 1xbet if you are under 18 years old, but when the documents are checked, the profile will be frozen until the player reaches the age of majority.

How do I sign up for 1xBet without a passport?

As with the previous question, a player can create an account at 1xBet without a passport. However, verification of the profile is unavoidable. Therefore, in response to the popular query “1xBet registration without passport” in the search engine you can find forums where accounts are sold. These are registered to other players, it is up to the user to attach a card for transfers.

Why is this way of using 1xBet unsafe?

  • Firstly, the seller still has access to the account (you can reset the password via email), if the email has not been given to the buyer behind the agreement.
  • Secondly, the security service may ask for confirmation of the move or a change of Internet service provider through a change of IP address of the player.
  • Thirdly, when transferring to a card, it may be required to confirm that the account is opened in the name of the profile owner. In this case the player has to deal with forging the certificate. It’s good if the inspectors don’t notice the difference.

Therefore, it is up to the player to decide whether or not to take the risk when registering with 1xBet without a passport.

How do I register with 1xBet without a UCPIS?

In 2014, certain provisions of Law No. 222-FZ “On Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On State Regulation of the Organization and Conduct of Gambling Activities and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation'” came into force, which launched the operation of the UUPIS. This is nothing less than an Internet betting acceptance centre. In other words, the tax authorities are interested in generating revenue from players’ winnings at online gambling establishments. Therefore, all legitimate betting shops have signed agreements with one of the UUPIS to exchange data in order to deduct a 13% commission from bettors.

It is now clear why registration at 1xBet without UUPIS is a burning question for many newcomers. However, the bookmaker operates in Russia illegally, using an offshore license. We wrote about it in a review article about 1xBet in Russia. Therefore, players should not worry about registering with 1xBet without TSUPIS. All winnings will go to the personal account without any tax withdrawals.

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