How do I get into 1xBet?

Как зайти в 1xBet
Newcomers to betting, when they first hear about the bookmaker’s website, ask a lot of questions related to logging in to 1xBet, the official website, how to log in on your computer and phone, via social media, etc. We have gathered them together and prepared answers to popular questions under the general theme “how to log in to 1xBet”.

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How do I find the official 1xBet website?

In order to get to the official site of the bookmaker, it is enough to enter the query “1xBet” or “1xBet betting company” into the search engine. In either case, the user will be offered a page, which is the official one.

If a different address appears in the bar when you navigate to the site, don’t immediately worry. In this case, one of the mirrors may load, which is an alternative entrance to 1xBet. What is a 1xBet mirror and how to find it we wrote about in one of the articles on the website.

How can I get on the 1xBet website?

In some countries, the site of the bookmaker’s office 1xBet is not available. This is due to the blocking of the official address and some mirrors through the lack of a national license or the prohibition of betting and gambling in the local legislation. However, players asking the question “How to get on the 1xBet website” can find the answer on the Stavkawin website.

Previously, we shared tips on blocking bookmaker 1xBet’s website. A bettor can use a mirror, software on a PC, mobile devices, browsers with a VPN option and VPN software. Each of them has its own features, as we wrote about in the above-mentioned piece.

How do I access the old version of 1xBet?

The development team is constantly updating the gambling portal of 1xBet. Users can replace how the look of some elements of the site, the menu, the cabinet and once in a few years, the design of the portal is completely updated. During such a major update, bettors have access to both the new and old versions of 1xBet’s website. However, at the time of writing, the old version of 1xBet is not available. Players accessing the bookmaker’s portal will see a modern design. We would like to note that the new version of the site has been fixed all the bugs and it works stably.

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More questions on “how to log in to 1xBet”:

⛔Why can’t I log in to 1xBet?

If a player can’t log in to the official site of 1xBet, access to the portal is blocked. This is due to the banning of gambling establishments in the country or through the use of an offshore license. In any case, we recommend resorting to an alternative way to visit the gambling portal 1xBet.

❓ How do I access 1xBet from my PC?

When the 1xBet website is blocked, players can use various ways to bypass restrictions. For PC users, there is a simple solution how to place bets and play despite the blocking. You can install 1xWin for Windows and not have to worry about gambling portal restrictions. Through special communication channels, players will have constant access to their account and entertainment.

✅ How do I access 1xbet via VK?

A player can create an account on the bookmaker’s website via social networks, e.g. using a Vkontakte (VK) profile. In that case, when logging in to 1xbet, you need to log in via your VK account. This is a fairly quick and convenient way to quickly log in to

☑️ How do I sign in to 1xbet using my phone number?

Bookmaker 1xBet offers users to create an account using their phone number. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the specified number. Once registered, the bettor can log in to the portal via number and password. Without the use of two-factor authorisation, there is no need to enter a text message every time you log in.

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