How do I cheat popular games at 1xBet?

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The topic of cheating 1xBet in betting and gaming is highly popular among bettors. You can find many different articles and video tutorials describing strategies for winning on forums, Youtube and thematic websites. In the article “How to cheat 1xbet”, we wrote down the key schemes that users use in betting. Today, however, we want to answer the key questions that users ask about gambling. Since there are thousands of them on the bookmaker’s website, the article includes queries on just a few of them.

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How do I cheat at 1xBet at cash games?

Who doesn’t know the popular game of thimbles? Everyone probably remembers how the ball is placed under one of the caps (thimbles). The caps are then shuffled and the player has to guess which one the ball is under. As the rules of the game are simple, it is very popular on the betting site. That said, most players lose. Not surprisingly, there is a query amongst them as to how to cheat at 1xBet at thimbles? Previously, we wrote that outplaying the bookmaker in gambling is not easy. Firstly, there is a pre-built algorithm that takes into account the player’s possible actions. Secondly, the number of allowed losses is set at the software level. Therefore, all sorts of strategies for beating 1xbet in a shell game is nothing but a fraud on users.

Игра в наперстки 1хБет

As a rule, all schemes of scammers from Youtube or thematic forums are based on using the Martingale strategy or the so called “dogging”. For example, placing a bet of 50 rubles* and losing should be followed by a second bet of 100 rubles*. The second popular scheme is the use of special programs. They supposedly analyse the shuffling of thimbles on the screen and highlight the correct cap. In practice, it does not work that way. Therefore, we do not recommend contacting the owners of 100% strategies to cheat at 1xbet at thimbles. In order to outplay the bookmaker, the player needs patience, attention and luck. If you fail to win after a series of losses, it is worth taking a break. It is better to play next time than to try to win back and lose the whole bankroll. *Or the equivalent in another currency.

How do I beat apples at 1xbet?

The bookmaker’s offering includes many interesting games, including ‘Apple of Fortune’. “Apples,” as bettors call it, is beloved by users for its simplicity. In order to win, players need to climb up to the third step on a track of whole apples. If a stump gets in the way, the user loses. Thus, the higher the step and the longer the apple track, the more the player wins. Яблочки 1хБет

Many recipes can be found on the internet on how to beat apples at 1xbet. Among the strategies available are:

  • Playing catch-up, with the bet amount doubling after losing.
  • Playing minimum bet with waiting for a stump on the third leg. After such a combination occurs, you can increase the bet amount to the desired amount. In the scheme, this bet will bring a win.

However, you can find debunking of each of the strategies on the forums. The reason lies in the inherent percentage of winnings. If the player hits a bad time, all these “strategies” will not work. Therefore, it is worth checking first whether the game “Apples” 1xbet gives winnings. If not, you should play it later.

Lucky Wheel 1xBet: how to cheat the bookmaker?

In the section with bonus games there is an interesting offer from 1xbet – “Lucky Wheel” or “Wheel of Fortune”. Users can buy or receive free spins and receive bonus points or valuable gifts in the form of gadgets (laptops, tablets or Apple phones). What is Wheel of Fortune at 1xbet we wrote about in one of the articles on our website. The bookmaker gives all users the opportunity to make one free spin in the wheel per day. In addition, bonus points can be collected for depositing money into the account and winning bets. These points are then exchanged for freespins on 1xBet’s Wheel of Fortune. In this way, the game has become accessible to players, which contributes to increasing the number of its fans.

Колесо фортуны 1хБет

Despite the possibility of winning without investing, not all bettors are lucky. Therefore, the question of the Lucky Wheel cheat from 1xBet is relevant. You can find information on the net about strategies for winning in “Wheel of Fortune”. However, all of them, as in the case of other games on 1xbet, do not work. It’s not so much the clever scheme that’s needed to win as the ‘layout’ of the game. If the user hits a winning streak, big winnings await him. Otherwise, all attempts to cheat 1xbet on “Wheel of Fortune” will be reduced to defeat. Therefore, it is recommended not to pay attention to all sorts of tricks and schemes sold by “experienced” players. The best strategy in games is to check whether the software gives you a win or not on the first 5 bets.

How to cheat 1xbet in 21 points?

There are 4 variants of the popular 21-point game available on the bookmaker’s website. They differ from each other visually, but the principle is the same. The user has to collect one of the combinations of isoch cards. The more points the player has, the higher his chance of outplaying the bookie. To win, a combination of 2 aces (AA) must be collected, which gives the player 21 points or the so-called “golden point”.

Игра 21 очко 1хБет

In the real world there are different strategies to win 21 points: combination counting, bluffing etc. However, the user is playing with the bookmaker – the software. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat 1xbet at 21 points. Like the rest of the games, the developers have created an algorithm, according to which the office provides players with winnings. Therefore, there are no bots or schemes for this 21-point game on 1xBet’s website. There are only general recommendations for playing 21:

  • With 17 points in hand, no more cards are to be drawn.
  • The difference between the player and the dealer should be 10 or 7 points. In this case, the next bet can be placed on the raise.

All other ways to cheat 1xbet at 21 points come with experience.

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