How do I cancel and delete a bet at 1xBet?

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In order to place the perfect bet a player needs to treat betting like a job. It is important not only to choose an interesting event, but also to analyse how high the probability is that the outcome will be positive. However, no one can know in advance how a sporting event will go. Therefore, losing is inevitable. Not surprisingly, many players are interested in how to cancel and delete a bet on 1xbet. This is what the article will discuss.

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1xBet: how do I view my bets?

When adding events to the betting slip, a menu opens on the right side of the screen to place a bet. Once the user has adjusted the bet (specified the amount, selected the type of bet, etc.) and placed it, the information from the panel disappears. That’s why newbies often ask, “How do I view my bets in 1xBet?” This is a very simple procedure that requires a few steps:

  1. Login to your personal cabinet (if the player is not logged in).
  2. Go to the “Betting history” section.
  3. Find in the table information about all the bets, which were placed on the site 1xbet.

If the user makes a lot of bets, additional filters can be used. The bettor can sort bets by category (“Line” or “Live”), status (“Calculated”, “Uncalculated”), settlement time, type (single, express, etc.), bet size, odds. Thanks to such convenient tools, players can easily find a certain bet in the betting history of 1xbet.

How do I cancel a 1xBet bet?

After placing a bet, it may become necessary to cancel it. There are various reasons that encourage users to cancel their bet:

  1. Mistakes when placing a bet. A user can select the wrong outcome, specify the wrong amount of money or place a bet when the odds have already got lower.
  2. The chance of losing a bet has increased. When analysing the match the player counted on one outcome. However, the emergence of data on injuries, changes in the line-up, weather conditions may affect the performance of an athlete or team.
  3. Need for money. The need to use the funds for a higher priority wager has arisen for the bettor.

Whichever of the listed reasons arises, a user wants to cancel a 1xbet bet with the minimum loss of money. However, it is practically impossible to do so. Of course, players can contact the support service and ask to cancel the bet, complaining about the mistake in its formation. However, the bookmaker is not a charity organization. Therefore, the chance of getting your bet back in this way is extremely low.

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That is why players are left with alternative ways of cancelling a bet at 1xBet:

  • 1xBet’s “Sell Bet” option*. This service is available to users after placing a bet. Thanks to the option, the player can return part of the money by paying the bookmaker a transaction fee in the form of the difference between the initial amount and the offered amount.
  • The “Betting Insurance “* option. The player can reimburse all or part of the money if he loses the bet. However the commission for using the service must be paid at the beginning.
  • Compensation for an erroneous bet. The use of additional bets, in order to cover a potentially losing bet. For example, if a player has made a mistake and placed a bet on total less (TM), but planned to place a bet on total more (TB) and he is sure about the result, he can place one more bet – ТB with a bigger sum. In this case the player will cover the lost bet and still get a small profit. When losing a TB and winning a TM, the loss will also be minimal, less than when losing a bet.

*Details of the bet selling and insurance fee can be found in previous articles on the website.

How do I delete a 1xbet bet from history?

As mentioned earlier, the history of all bets is located in the betting history section. It is available in the player’s personal cabinet. Here the user can select the desired date range and view all bets. Besides, there is a button “Delete”. If it is clicked, a message will appear informing the user that 1xbet bets for a certain period have been deleted. If the user agrees, the history will be cleared.

In some cases, a user may delete bets on 1xBet by accident. To restore the history, you can contact support or request the entire statement by email. The latter method will work 100%.

What happens if I delete a bet on 1xBet?

Among new bettors, you can often hear the question of how to delete a bet on 1xbet? In this case, players can imply the cancellation of the bet. We have written above about the peculiarities of cancelling a bet, so we will not repeat them.

In addition, players are additionally interested in whether there can be any restrictions when permanently deleting bets in 1xbet? In our experience, there shouldn’t be. Bookmaker’s office can apply sanctions to players only in cases where there are clear violations of the rules. For example, a fake bet has been used. If the software detects such fraud, the bet will be frozen and the bettor will not receive a payment to his account. In this case, it is necessary to contact the support service and sometimes arbitration for a refund. That is why we recommend you to read the rules for using the site of the betting company 1xBet.

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