How do I bet on 1xBet express bets?

Экспресс-ставка 1хБет
As a rule, all beginners try to place express bets after they have placed a few dozen single bets. This is due to the fear of making a wrong prediction on a few events and losing a big amount if they lose. Alternatively, it may be that users are too inexperienced to place combinations. Although the whole process of placing express bets on 1xbet is quite simple. Therefore, in this article we will answer popular questions related to express bets at 1xBet.

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What is 1xbet express betting?

Before you start placing a multi bet, it’s worth defining the term express betting. A 1xBet express bet is understood to be a combination bet consisting of two or more bets on different games. For example, a bettor has created a combination of 2 bets on different football matches. In this case, the Parlay consists of 2 outcomes (selections). If one of them loses, the whole combination will not play. However, if the parlay wins, the user will receive an increased profit. It is calculated by multiplying the odds of single bets (total parlay odds) by the betting amount. This is why parlays are a popular betting option among professional bettors. It is worth noting that not in all cases the loss of a single event is the loss of the whole combination. 1xbet allows the loss of some selections for a larger number of outcomes. For example, in the case of an express train consisting of 10 singles, 2 bets may fail to play. In this case, you will make a profit, though not the maximum one. On the other hand, a player can insure a bet at 1xBet and get some or all of the money to his personal account. However, there is a fee to be paid for this service.

1xBet: how to bet a parlay?

As mentioned earlier, express bets are a rather popular betting type among users of 1xbet. Despite the fact that forming a multi bet is not a complicated procedure, a lot of newbies have questions about creating express bets. We therefore provide a quick guide on how to create a multi bet via the website and the mobile app.

How do I place a multi bet on 1xBet on the website?

Once you have logged in to your personal betting account, you can switch to the line or live betting section to find out what sports events are available. If a player likes several independent events, he should add them to the betting slip. To do so, select the winner of the match and the desired bet type: 1 (first player/team win), 2 (second player/team win), etc. After placing the bets in the betting slip (the panel is located on the right side of the screen), the bookmaker will offer the user to form a parlay bet. To place a parlay at 1xBet, the bettor has to enter the amount and click on the “Bet” button. Экспресс дня 1хБет Thus, the brief instruction for creating a parlay via the website is as follows

  1. Authorization on the site.
  2. The choice of matches and odds for the outcomes.
  3. Setting up the slip: adding or excluding outcomes from the express.
  4. Indication of the parlay amount.

During the formation of a parlay bet at 1xBet, the user will be shown information about the amount of winnings. It is also possible to see the amount of the maximum bet that the bookmaker accepts. The options for selling and insuring bets will become available after the bet has been placed in the Betting History section.

How do I place an express bet in the 1xBet app?

Creating a parlay via the 1xBet Mobile App does not differ much from placing a bet via the website. The differences lie in the layout of the elements (menu design). To make a parlay bet in 1xBet the user shall select the event you are interested in (click on the odds of one of the proposed match outcomes) and add it to the betting slip. Once a number of outcomes have been added to the betting slip, the user can form a parlay bet. As with the website, the betting amount needs to be entered into the app. There is also all the necessary information about the status of the user’s account and the potential amount of winnings. The procedure for creating a parlay via the app is as follows.

  1. Authorizing in the application.
  2. Selecting sports events and odds for the outcomes.
  3. Adding or excluding outcomes from the express.
  4. Indicate the amount for the parlay.

Should I use express bets at 1xBet?

As previously mentioned, parlays are popular with 1xBet betting users. This is due to the possibility of getting more winnings, as the odds of the outcomes are multiplied. Moreover, the bookmaker motivates players to place express bets with a large number of outcomes. For such bets, the user receives an additional increase in the odds. 1хБет - Стаховка ставок However, 1xBet express bets are sets of single bets that are linked together. And, as in the case of pips, if one falls, the whole scheme collapses. So a player has to be good at navigating the matches and making correct predictions. Beginners are better off making express bets on a few outcomes, gradually increasing their number. Professionals can, in turn, combine different types of parlay bets, such as the 1xBet Anti-Match. The winnings from such sets of odds will be quite substantial. That is why we advise you to be cautious when placing Parlay bets. More practice on small combinations is a good strategy for novice bettors.

More questions on 1xBet express bets

❓ What are express bets at 1xBet?

The bookmaker 1xbet offers users several variants of express bets: classic, Stayer (you can add events for the next 60 days), Lucky (from 2 to 8 outcomes), Anti-Axpress (bets must lose) and Patent (a combination of express bets). We have already written about some of these types of bets in a separate article. We recommend that you read it.

How do I place a multi bet on 1xBet on my phone?

Placing 1xBet express bets via the website or app does not depend on your device type. The development team has made sure that the portal is cross-browser friendly and works correctly on different player screens. In addition, the applications on Android and iPhone are the same. Therefore, players can find in the article the answer to the question, “How to place a Parlay on 1xBet on IPhone?”

💻 How do I place an express bet on 1xBet on my computer?

Users using a computer can place bets via the website and 1xWin software. In the first case, in order to make an express bet on 1xBet you need to select more than two events and add them to the betting slip. After that, it will be possible to group the bets into a parlay. The following steps are the same as for a single bet. If 1xWin software is used, the player will also have no problem placing a combination bet. The design of the screens corresponds to the 1xBet portal. Therefore, bettors should also add a few events to the betting slip and, following the suggested steps, complete the placement of the express bet.

✅ How do I insure a 1xBet express bet?

After placing a combined bet, the user can use an additional option to insure the bet. To do this, go to the “Betting history” section and click on the “Insure” button for the slip you are interested in. Following the instructions in the new window, the bettor can protect all or part of the bet from losing. It should be noted that this service is chargeable and depends on the express (number of outcomes, amount, odds, etc.).

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