How do I bet correctly at 1xBet?

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In a previous article, we prepared answers to popular user questions related to betting on 1xBet. Players can find out the steps to follow on the website, in the mobile app or in the PC software. At the end of the aforementioned material, it was discussed that in addition to understanding the betting scheme, it is worth learning how to bet correctly on 1xbet. What is worth paying attention to? How to get more winnings? Let’s touch on this topic in the article.

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How do I learn how to bet correctly at 1xBet?

If you are new to sports betting, in addition to today’s material, we recommend reading the articles in ourBetting School. It consists of 3 levels with different tutorial articles. They contain information about the key concepts in betting and tips for successful betting. You can also get basic information about the psychology of betting and other important factors that influence betting success. Once a user has created an account on the 1xBet betting site, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the bookmaker’s portal. The information mentioned, in the introductory part of the article, contains instructions on the steps worth following to place a bet. Although the way is not complicated, you should become well acquainted with all the functions offered by the bookmaker’s office. Also, go through all the screens carefully so that in a hurry, for example, you don’t click on an inadvertent button. Such mistakes can lead to losing a bet. In addition, in order to bet correctly on 1xbet, it is important to know the rules of the bookmaker’s office. All the information is contained in the “Rules” section. There are descriptions of functions, features of different types of bets, etc. It is also worth finding out in which cases the bookmaker applies penalties to players and to avoid any violations. Otherwise any restrictions, for example on the maximum bet limit, may be an unpleasant surprise for the bettor. Правила на 1xBet

How to bet correctly at 1xbet?

Every player wants to earn more from betting than he spends. Therefore, by “right”, many users mean making a win. Thus, when talking about “right” betting, we are talking about bets that have been placed wisely. In order to bet correctly at 1xbet, getting winnings, it is worth paying attention to the following tips:

  1. Decide on a betting strategy. For beginners, the best betting strategy is to stick to single bets, and only then try placing multi bets.
  2. Learn how to distribute your bankroll. Do not waste your entire deposit on one bet. It is necessary to correctly distribute the money on a dozen bets, so that in the case of loss, have the means to win back.
  3. Do not break the rules of the bookmaker’s office 1xBet. The company has learned to recognise all sorts of scams. The desire to outsmart the bookmaker unfair ways can lead to restrictions in the profile or its blocking.
  4. Actively use bonus programmes. Bookmaker 1xbet provides players with various bonuses and promotions. Use them to get extra prizes and winnings.
  5. Don’t rely on “100% outcomes”. There may be nuances in every match that affect the outcome. Therefore, you should always think about plan “B”.
  6. Analyze the events before placing a bet. It is worth finding out all the nuances about the participants in the match. Injuries, weather conditions, effectiveness in previous matches may tell a lot about the upcoming match.
  7. Do not chase high odds. A quick profit is a way to lose your bankroll. It is worth choosing events on the 1xBet website with minimal risk for the player.
  8. Take breaks. You should not play around the clock. Lack of rest can lead to a loss of focus and loss. Placement of sports bets should be dosed.

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What are the key strategies for betting correctly at 1xbet?

You can find many bettor success stories and different strategies on the internet, which are often variations of the main ones. Therefore, we won’t describe all the different options for placing the right bets at 1xBet. We will only pay attention to such strategies:

  1. Afixed amount from the bank. The player should choose a fixed percentage or amount from the available bank for all their bets. Often it is recommended to take 1-5%, depending on the amount of the deposit. In case of losing one bet, the second one may cover the loss or partially make up for it.
  2. Kelly criterion. Using the probability of an event for calculating the sum of bets. For example, with a bank of $100 or its equivalent, odds 3 and probability of outcome 0.4, the player should bet $10 or the same amount in another currency. The size of the bet is calculated using the formula C = (3*0.4-1)/(3-1) = 0.1. The result (0.1) is the percentage of the bankroll that can be placed as a bet.
  3. Using “catch-up“. If the player’s previous bet was unsuccessful, the following formula can be used to obtain a betting amount which will cover the loss. The formula is as follows: S = V + LB/K – 1, where: V is the amount of profit to be made from the “catch-up”, LB is the amount of bet lost, K is the betting ratio.

Using these strategies, the user should remember that they do not guarantee 100% success. You should always rely on your personal experience and find a solution that will allow you to profit from betting in a particular case. That is the whole secret of placing the right bets at 1xbet.

1xbet how to bet to win?

Every bettor, when placing a bet, wants it to be a winning one. Unfortunately, no player is immune to losses. On the contrary, experienced bettors say that a loss allows you to rethink your strategy and achieve a positive result next time. However, it is possible to bet on a win at 1xbet and minimize the number of losses. To do this, you need to follow the recommendations described in the section “How to bet correctly at 1xbet?” For all newbies reading the article, we recommend that you read the materials in the “Betting School” additionally. The corresponding section can be found in the menu on our website. It contains dozens of articles about betting theory and psychology. Thanks to them, the user will learn how to bet to win at 1xBet. Again, though, not all bets will be successful. Each defeat is a lesson for the user, which is also mentioned in the tutorials. Before we move on to the tutorials, please do not dive headfirst into the world of betting. You have to do them wisely, as betting can lose not only money, but also the reputation and trust of family, loved ones and business partners. Betting correctly on 1xbet with big winnings is not that far away from addiction. Keep this in mind at all times!

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