How can I bypass 1xBet blocking?

Почему не работает сайт 1xbet
Users of 1xBet may face website blocking by local internet providers. Problems of access to 1xBet’s website occur in different countries and are related to the bookmaker’s peculiarities. Let’s talk in more detail about the reasons for blocking the gaming portal and what to do when 1xBet’s site doesn’t work.

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Why is 1xBet website not working?

Bookmaker’s office 1xbet launched its website in 2011. The portal was licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission to operate. As it is offshore, permits are not accepted by many states where bookmakers and casinos are legal. Some of them actively block foreign gambling portals which have not obtained a local licence.

Since bookmaker 1xBet has no plans to enter local markets and open ground offices, the site often gets blacklisted by Internet service providers. This is not hard to check. If a player can’t get 1xBet’s website open, you should look for problems with its blocking.

In what countries can’t I get on the 1xBet website?

In the last decade, the growth of online betting has had a negative impact on the operation of online bookmakers. In many countries where bookmakers’ activities are legal or the authorities are neutral to betting online, there are restrictions on the operation of gambling companies. This affects the operation of the betting companies as access to their websites is restricted or blocked.

Users of 1xBet also face the problem of not being able to access the 1xBet website. According to the forums, in 2021, players could not always successfully access the bookmaker’s portal in Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Ukraine, the USA, etc. The total number of countries experiencing problems accessing 1xbet website is 60+.

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It is worth noting that 1xbet does not enter the site not only because of restrictions by local authorities. In some countries, the bookmaker itself restricts the operation of the resource. Then the entrance to the official page will be done (no server error message). However, a message will appear on the page: “The website is temporarily not working in your country”. In this case the user can try to change the proxy and connect from an IP address of another country. However, it is worth checking with support if it is possible to confirm the documents that have been issued by the authorities of the country where the company is temporarily not operating.

Can’t log in to 1xbet: how to determine the reason?

In the previous sections we tried to figure out the reasons why a player cannot log in to 1xbet. The portal is blocked through:

  • Local authorities ban all kinds of gambling and international portals blocked by the country’s internet service providers.
  • Banning international bookmakers who do not have local licenses. Blocking is carried out through internet service providers.
  • Blocking 1xBet access to the portal in local markets, which it is less interested in, or has difficulties with the Curacao licence.

To determine the reason why users write requests “I can’t log in to 1xBet”, you need to go to the official website and check its functionality:

  • If the site takes a long time to load but does not open (only a white screen is visible), then it is worth trying to log in through a proxy. If you are using a different IP address, it is worth searching for information on the blocking of the portal in the country in the media.
  • If you get the error “No connection to server” when accessing the site, then the site is blocked by the local ISPs. You should also read about the site’s entry in the blocking database.
  • If the website opens, but there is a message that 1xBet portal is not working in the player’s country of residence, the office has not entered the local market. In that case, you can try to contact the bookmaker’s support team and clarify the details.

How to log in to 1xBet if it’s blocked is explained in the following section.

Не заходит на 1хБет

What should I do if I can’t log in to 1xBet?

If you can’t get on the 1xBet website, there are some problems with the server or access to it. You can tell by the error you see in your browser. If it’s the standard “Failed to connect to server” window or 403 error, then you’re probably getting blocked. In the case of the error message 5xx, there may be some problems with the server. However, this is extremely rare.

After determining the reason why it is not possible to log in to 1XBet’s website, you can look for a solution. There are several simple ways to bypass a blocked 1xBet:

  • Use 1xBet mirrors. These are copies of the website under a different domain, as we wrote about on the website.
  • Apps for mobile phone, tablet and PC. The bookmaker supports apps for Android and iOS.
  • 1xBet’s own browser for Mac OS or Opera users.
  • VPN software for PC or widgets for browsers with IP and connection point changing.
  • Using Telegram bot for betting.

The choice of how to bypass the 1xBet portal blocking depends on the bettor’s wishes. In our opinion, each of the options to enter 1xBet website is effective.

More questions on the subject of blocking 1xBet

🗺️ What country is 1xBet available in?

Bookmaker 1xBet provides its services online and accepts users from all countries around the world. However, local authorities may block access to the website. Therefore, access to the portal is allowed in 40+ countries: most countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal, etc.

❓ What’s wrong with 1xBet?

Such a question arises when the site is unavailable to the player. In this case, it is necessary to find out what has caused the bettor to be unable to log on to 1xBet. If it is a server problem, it is worth waiting for it to be solved by the specialists of the company. And if it is the blocking of 1xBet’s site – use the solutions suggested in the article.

⛔ Why is 1xBet blocked?

The main reason 1xBet is banned is because there is no national license to accept online betting. Also, there remain many states in the world where gambling establishments are banned. Therefore, the operation of the gambling portal does not fit into local law.

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