Deleting a 1xBet account: available options

Удаление аккаунта 1хБет
After creating an account and getting familiar with the facilities of the bookmaker, some players may want to delete their 1xBet account. This decision often comes up in users who have lost a tidy sum and want to stop the losing streak. In any case, the question “how to delete the account on 1xbet?” remains relevant. We’ll answer it in this article.

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Ways to delete 1xBet account

“Freezing” the gambling profile of 1xbet

If you read the personal cabinet of 1xbet carefully, players may notice that there is no button to delete the account. According to the terms of the bookmaker’s office, the player’s profile cannot be deleted, but only “frozen”. If you contact support through any of the described channels, the bettor will receive one answer: “1xbet account cannot be deleted. After 3 months, without any transfers, it is relegated to “inactive” status. However, the user’s data is not deleted from the database”. Players can therefore restore their profile, as discussed below. Thus we have a situation where the players’ personal data, as well as the 1xbet account, is not deleted. If the user is not worried about the bookmaker’s passport data, it is enough not to log into the personal account for 90 days (3 months) and the account will be “frozen”. Please note that 1xBet’s profile will not always be inactive after the above string has expired. On gambling forums you can find information that the login to the personal account was carried out and after 4 months. Therefore, this method does not provide a 100% guarantee.

To provoke the blocking of the 1xbet account

According to the same rules of the bookmaker, a player’s profile can be deleted for violating the conditions of the office. If the bettor wants to resort to such a radical method, then it is worth:

  • Betting on match-fixing.
  • To use schemes, e.g. placing bets on “forks”.
  • Being a participant in a match and influencing the outcome (applies to coaches and referees).
  • Create several accounts on the bookmaker’s website.

Before using the above shenanigans, it is worth withdrawing all money from the account. Otherwise, they will be blocked. You should also remember that blocking the 1xbet account means that the player will no longer be able to use the services of the office. In addition, he can get blacklisted by all bookmakers. This will put a fat end to his betting activities. Личный кабинет 1хбет

Reasons for not being able to delete a 1xBet account

After players find out that they can’t delete their 1xbet account, they are indignant about it. However, the bookmaker has reasons why such a rule has been spelled out in the conditions of use of the office. Firstly, many players don’t mind creating a new account using their referral link. At the same time, the old one is deleted. It used to work well in the past. Today it is the reason to block the account at 1xbet. Once blocked, all repeated attempts to create an account will fail. Secondly, players are susceptible to emotions. As already recalled in the introductory information, after a big loss bettors don’t mind deleting their account. In this way, the bookmaker insures players against making hasty decisions. Thirdly, bookmakers are obliged to keep users’ personal data for a certain period of time to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent schemes. The betting companies can exchange information on the abusers and block their accounts (if data is available).

Restore 1xbet account

If a player has not visited his personal account for more than 90 days and it has been ‘frozen’, the player can easily reactivate it. In order to restore your 1xBet account, you should contact one of the support channels, e.g. chat or email After answering a few questions or providing additional details, the bettor’s account will be restored. Please note that a 1xBet account deleted by the bookmaker cannot be restored.

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