Betting insurance at 1xBet: how do I use the service?

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Bookmaker’s office 1xBet provides players with handy tools to minimise losses from bad bets. Players can sell a 1xBet bet and get a portion of the money back into their main account. In addition, there is an option to insure a 1xBet bet and get 100% of the money deposited into the account. What are the advantages of this option and how does it differ from returning a bet? Read the article.

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What is 1xBet betting insurance?

Betting insurance is a fairly common service offered by bookmakers. Betting insurance 1xBet should be understood to mean making a profit even if the bet turns out to be a loss. It is worth noting that insurance can be full or partial. In the first case, the player receives the whole amount in his personal account, in the second case, a certain part of it. The cost of insurance depends on its type. The higher the betting amount and the amount insured (as a percentage), the higher the fee the bookmaker will pay to the betting company. However, the cost of the insurance is more than offset by the winnings. And in case of loss, the user will not lose the whole amount, but only a fixed commission to be paid to the bookmaker’s office.

What does it mean to insure a bet at 1xBet?

One of our “Betting School” lessons on successful betting contains information about the impact of probability theory on betting. Among the tips provided, we would like to highlight an important point: “No one knows the probability of events”. So no bettor can know 100% of the outcome of a match. Even the most correct predictions may have slip-ups. What about those matches, where the probability of winning either side is high? You can take advantage of 1xBet’s betting insurance service. Many players wonder, “What does it mean to insure a bet at 1xBet?” There can be several answers to it. Firstly, a definition can be used: betting insurance is a full or partial refund of the amount of money lost. Secondly, a description of the betting insurance process and the mechanism of getting the money back, in case of a loss, should be provided. If we take the process, the player can insure almost any* event in pre-match or in-play. A bet may be a single or a parlay. As far as the money is concerned, the compensation from 1xBet depends on the amount insured. If full insurance has been selected, then all the funds will be credited to the player’s account. However, it is worth remembering that the higher the compensation percentage, the higher the service fee. *Not all bets can be covered. This will be discussed in the next section. Страховка ставки 1хБет

What are the terms of betting insurance at 1xBet?

Bookmaker 1xBet provides some of the best betting insurance conditions for its users. Players can use the service for a multitude of events, choosing the most interesting matches with good odds. However, there are a number of restrictions that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Betting insurance at 1xBet is a paid service. The fee depends on the odds and the maximum amount covered. However, the cost of insurance does not exceed the user’s winnings.
  2. A player can insure single bets and express bets.
  3. The user can buy several insurances for the same bet. For example, first, insure 10% of the amount and then 30%. However, all bets purchased may not exceed 100%. So it is worth being careful not to overpay for the service.
  4. Deposits that are made via cryptocurrency are not covered by insurance.
  5. 1xBet betting insurance is not available for matches where the odds differ by up to 17 points.
  6. Pre-match and live bets can be insured.

In addition to the basic conditions described above, you should pay attention to additional rules from the site of 1xBet:

  • The bookmaker shall not be liable in cases where betting insurance service is unavailable due to technical failure.
  • The company reserves the right to terminate the betting insurance service at any time and in relation to any events without giving any reasons.
  • The betting insurance operation may be cancelled if technical problems have occurred at any stage of the service.

Bets in all the above cases are calculated on a general basis according to the results of the game. However, practice shows that the bookmaker rarely applies these points from the rules to bets. Therefore, betting insurance at 1xBet is quite an interesting offer, which is worth taking advantage of in risky matches.

How do I take out betting insurance on 1xBet?

In order to use the Betting Insurance service, a user first needs to place a pre-match bet (single or express). Then go to personal profile – “Betting history”. Find a bet of interest in the list and click on “Insure” (not available for all bets, as mentioned earlier). In the new window, the player will see the commission and select the amount he would like to insure. As mentioned above, it can be a part of the bet or the whole bet. 1хБет - продажа ставки For example, for a football bet of $100* and odds of 1.8, the sum insured is: 10% – $6*, 100% – $47*. If the user wins, the user receives $80*, from which the net profit is $36*. *Or the equivalent in local currency.

What does the insurance cost at 1xBet depend on?

The betting insurance service at 1xBet is chargeable and is calculated individually for each bet. The insurance calculation formula takes into account the type of the event, the odds, the bet amount and the insurance percentage. As the bookmaker does not provide an exact formula to determine the fee for this service, it is not possible to provide an exact calculation. To understand what the cost of betting insurance might be, here are a few examples:

  1. The user has placed a single pre-match bet of $100* on a football match (odds 2.00). After a few minutes he decided to insure 50% of the bet. The betting company offers the player to perform this operation for $22*.
  2. The user made a single live bet of $100* on a football match (odds 1.20). Ten minutes later, after conceding a goal, he decided to hedge the bet by 50%. The bookmaker asks a fee of $30* for this operation.

As you can see from the example, the odds in the match are different, but because of the probability of losing in the second case, the cost of insurance increases. It is therefore worth carefully calculating the reasonableness of using this service to avoid losing more money if you lose the bet. *Or the equivalent of that amount in another currency.

What is the difference between insurance and betting sales at 1xBet?

Many newbies wonder, “What’s the difference between insurance and selling a bet?” These services are similar (they can be used for pre-match betting, they help you get your money back, etc.), but have a number of differences:

  • When insuring a bet, the player pays the commission at once, and when selling it, he pays it on the spot (receives a smaller amount in his account).
  • You can insure a part of a bet and sell the whole bet.
  • When insuring bets, the loss of money is smaller than when selling bets.

Users can therefore use the two tools in parallel, depending on the strategy chosen. Страховка ставки на 1xBet In conclusion, we would like to say that it is not always a good idea to underwrite a bet. It is better to learn how to accurately predict the outcome of events and get the maximum profit from the office, instead of paying commissions for additional services. That is why we recommend our Betting School for new bettors to learn a lot of tips on how to become a successful bettor.

More questions about 1xBet betting insurance:

⏱️ 1xBet betting insurance: what is it?

“Betting insurance” is an additional service offered to users of 1xBet. After placing a pre-match or live bet, players can insure their bet to get a part of the money back. The bookmaker allows bettors to make a full or partial 1xBet insurance. Alternatively, a player can use several insurances at once, as long as the total amount insured is 100% of the initial deposit. However, the cost of multiple transactions will be higher than using one insurance for the entire betting amount.

✅ How does insurance work in 1xBet?

Insurance in 1xBet can be used immediately after placing a bet. The player has to go to his personal cabinet and in the betting history to find the one which needs to be insured. The “Insurance” button will appear on the betting card, which will take the player to the settings screen. The user will be able to select the amount to be insured and see the amount of commission for providing the service.

💵 How much does 1xBet betting insurance cost?

The cost of 1xBet betting insurance is calculated on an individual basis. The bookmaker’s office analyses the match, takes into account the size of the user’s bet, the moment when the player decided to use the service and the amount to be insured. The algorithm calculates the bettor’s commission. If the player agrees to the amount, they can “buy” the insurance. The user can also refuse and come back to the issue after some time. However, the amount of commission will also change, and not always in the bettor’s favour.

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