Access to the site: How do I restore my account at 1xBet?

Восстановить доступ 1хБет
It often happens that users forget not only their password but even their login to their account. If you get into trouble with 1xBet, you needn’t worry. In this case, we recommend to try exactly to restore access and not to re-register, as the bookmaker may permanently block the user when registering with the same personal details (first and last name, mail, bank accounts). In this article we will look at how to log in, how to recover 1xBet username and password from your personal account and how to regain access to your account on the bookmaker’s website.

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How to log in to 1xBet?

Each bettor when registering at 1xbet is given a unique ID number – this 9-digit number is also the number of the game account on the bookmaker’s website. You can also use it to log in to the website, as it serves as a player ID, just like your e-mail or phone number. You can find your personal ID number in myAlpari in the top right corner. To log in, you will need to enter your username (email, mobile phone or ID number) and then enter your password.

How do I remember my 1xBet login?

Login to the bookmaker’s site can be not only an email address, but also a mobile phone number or a unique ID, which is formed during the registration of the user. If these login methods are unavailable for some reason, you can try to log in via one of the social networks. If the above options did not work, the last chance to restore your username is to contact the technical support team of 1xBet in any way that is comfortable for you. However, with this approach, be prepared to provide the consultant with all the necessary documents proving your identity. As the bookmaker is very strict about all sorts of frauds and scams, and for an attempt to re-register with the same personal details you can get banned for life and it will be quite difficult to prove that you are not a scammer. So be careful and be careful, write down your login details for 1xBet somewhere? Вход в 1хБет

How do I know my login details on 1xBet?

When opening the form of logging in to the 1xBet website, you may notice that a player can enter his email address, identifier (ID) or phone number as a login (you need to click on the appropriate button in the “Login” field). This makes it a little more difficult to access the site if a player forgets his 1xBet login. In order to remember it, you need to:

  1. Search for an email from the bookmaker. During the registration via e-mail you will be asked to confirm your account (you have to click on the link). If there is such an e-mail, it is worth to use your e-mail as a login.
  2. Try to enter your phone number. If user registered through it, then it is also possible to sign in or retrieve password through number.
  3. Search your saved logins/passwords in your browser to access 1xBet. Maybe your login details were saved after your first login.

If none of the suggested options did not help, then it is necessary to ask for help from the support service of 1xbet. However, to regain access you will need identification – providing your passport for identity verification. That is why we recommend you to write to the email or chat, as you can send your documents to verify your profile right away.

How to recover password from 1xbet?

Players not only forget their username. Quite often there are problems with logging into the personal account through a forgotten password from 1xbet. In that case, you need to restore it. To do that you should press the “Login” button and then “Forgot your password”. Bookmaker will offer 2 ways of identification: by email and via mobile phone. Choose the one that was used during registration. If you use the standard scheme – e-mail – you need to enter it into the field and click “Create new password”. You will receive an e-mail with a link to the bookmaker’s website. A new password can be created when you click on the link. If you used your phone number when you created the email, you can restore access to your 1xBet profile via SMS. To do so, you need to enter your number in the field and wait for an SMS with a code. It must be entered in the form and then the bookmaker will open a screen to create a new password. When all the above options are tried and there is no result, you need to contact the technical support team of the bookmaker 1xBet. You can do it by email (you will get the answer within 24 hours), chat (you will get the answer within 5-10 minutes) or by phone (you will get the help within 10 minutes). Смена пароля 1хБет

How can I change my password at 1xBet?

If a player has access to a personal cabinet, changing 1xbet password is a fairly simple and quick operation. The bookmaker itself recommends changing your password from time to time to keep your account secure. To perform a password change in 1xbet, the player needs to do the following steps:

  • Go to your personal cabinet.
  • On the “Personal Data” page, click on the pencil opposite the “Your password” field.
  • Enter your old password and your new password twice.

After clicking on the “Save” button, the player will have a new 1xBet account password. Now we recommend to save it by writing it down in the notepad. You can also check the “Remember” box the first time you log in to your personal cabinet. The 1xBet website will remember the details you entered, and the next time you log in to your account, it will be automatic or semi-automatic.

How do I recover my 1xBet account?

There are times when, when trying to access your profile, a user discovers that their account has been blocked or deleted. This often happens when players break the rules of use. Many people are attracted to 1xBet for its reliability, ease of use and wide range of games. But they forget that behind it all there is also a strong security system. The specificity of the office is that people give their personal details and have to be sure that they are kept safe and not disclosed to third parties. That is why any action that raises doubts with the bookmaker 1xBet, the player is immediately sent to the ban. It often happens that quite unjustifiably. What to do if your account is blocked or deleted, read on. 1хБет вход официальный сайт букмекера If you want to withdraw money after being blocked, write an email to support. Immediately attach documents proving your identity. It is advisable to add several documents: passport, driving licence, military ID, etc. Sometimes this is enough for verification and support will give you back access to your 1xBet account or allow you to withdraw money. However, keep in mind that after a successful verification, you may receive an email from the security team informing you that the bookmaker is no longer cooperating with you and permanently deleting your account. If you try to register with 1xbet again and open an account, it will be blocked again. In this case, it is impossible to prove anything and there is no point in contacting support.

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