1xBet’s multi-folds: making and selling bets

Экспресс-ставка 1хБет
There are a lot of questions among rookie bettors about wilds. Our previous article, “How to bet in express bets at 1xbet”, answered most of them. However, there are still a number of topics that we have decided to cover in the new material. Read about the peculiarities of picking a combo bet, antiexpresses, parlay of the day and betting sales.

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How do I place an express bet at 1xBet?

1xBet has thought out the details of betting on the site. To create a parlay at 1xBet, a user just needs to select the events of interest and add them to the betting slip. To do so, click on the odds of the outcome. After adding two or more selections to the betting slip, it will be possible to form a parlay. The corresponding item will appear in the drop-down list of bet types. Then the bettor specifies the amount to bet and, following the available steps, completes placing the bet.

The procedure for creating an express bet on 1xBet does not differ from the website, 1xWin and mobile application. The difference can only be found in the design of the screens. Although the developers are trying to fit all betting tools into one format to make it easier for newcomers to use the bookmaker’s services.

How do I make my own express bets at 1xBet?

As mentioned in the previous section, the process of making a parlay on the bookmaker’s website is not complicated. So any questions players may have at the express betting stage will be: which events to include in the bet to make the bet work? There are various strategies for creating winning multi bets. In addition, there are services where you can buy ready-made predictions for a parlay from successful bettors.

Should we use the services of outside experts? The decision in this case is up to the player. But in our opinion, it is best to learn how to make your own express bets at 1xBet. Here are some tips to help you make the right combinations to get the most out of your bets:

  1. Don’t be afraid to bet on draws. In matches where there is no clear favourite, the odds for teams to win are roughly the same. So you can opt for a draw as the result of the match. As a rule, the odds in such bets are high and the chance of success is quite good. If you look at the statistics of football matches in popular world championships, every fourth game ends in a draw.
  2. Place your valuables bets. Among the available number of sporting events to bet on, it is possible to find those where the winning team is underestimated by the bookmaker. If the bettor knows well the style of play of teams and athletes in niche championships, then it is not worth paying attention to the proposed favourite. It is best to play against the bookmaker.
  3. Make a betting list. It is advisable to keep a notebook where you can write down potential matches that could be included in a parlay. Once the user has written out all the games, compared the odds and once again assessed the success of this or that team/athlete, you can proceed to placing a parlay bet at 1xbet.
  4. You shouldnot rely on high odds. The more outcomes with high odds in a combination, the higher the chance of losing the parlay. Remember that the risk must be justified. So it is not a good idea to try to put together a Parlay where the odds of losing are high on most events.
  5. Correct use of markets. The best bettor knows how to evaluate a team’s odds and work out the odds for each type of bet. For example, if there is a clear favourite in a match and the odds on its victory are not high, it is better to use a handicap. Such nuances in 1xBet betting odds can help increase the final odds.
  6. Preliminary match analysis. Knowing how to analyse previous games is a bettor’s key to success in betting. To make a correct match prediction, it is worth getting acquainted with past matches involving teams/athletes. Analysing previous matches is a must if you want to make a lot of bets.
  7. Refuse to bet on favourites. If the bettor has a favourite team or athlete, do not include their games in the Parlay. It is possible for the user to underestimate their opponent and believe in the strength of their favourite. This, in turn, leads to losing combinations.
  8. Limit the number of express bets. After gaining their first money in a Parlay, players are often more than happy to take it. However, this type of betting should not be abused. The truth is that a high number of events in one bet involves a high risk of losing. Therefore a lot of time needs to be invested in creating a winning multi. Quickly forming a combination bet ‘on the off-chance’ may end badly for the bettor.
  9. Take advantage of the bookmaker’s bonuses. Bookmaker 1xbet encourages users placing express bets to include more than 10 outcomes in a betting slip. For this, the office increases the final odds by a certain multiplier. Experienced users can use these bonuses for additional rewards.

Экспресс-ставка 1хБет

By following these tips, users can learn how to correctly compose express bets at 1xbet and earn large sums on combinations.

What is an anti-extraday at 1xBet?

The bookmaker offers its users different types of bets 1xbet. Among the types of bets available, there are variations of express bets. Among them is the 1xbet anti express bet. By clicking on the link to the article about the types of bets you can find the definition for the anti-extra bet – it is a bet that will win if all events in the betting slip are lost. So this type of bet is calculated in the opposite way to a parlay.

Many newbies think that the 1xBet Anti-Axpress are bets that include outcomes on clear underdogs. By definition, this is the case. However, in practice, betting on clear underdogs will not bring the bettor big wins: low odds and bookmaker’s margin will “eat up” almost all the profit. Therefore, anti-extras should include events where the outcome of the match can change at any minute.

To make an Anti-Axpress on 1xBet, a user needs to add 2 events to the bet slip and then select the corresponding bet type from the drop-down list. The bookmaker will recalculate the odds according to the new formula. Once you have entered the betting amount, you can check the winnings beforehand and proceed to betting. You can find the detailed rules for calculating the atiexpress on the bookmaker’s website. To do so, go to the “Rules” page, the link to which is in the bottom menu.

How do I sell an express bet to 1xBet?

After a user has collected and made a 1xbet pre-match express bet, news about injuries in the team/participant may appear. Such a situation can undo the entire combination formed by the bettor. In order not to lose the whole bet, the user can use the 1xBet express betting service.

To sell a parlay bet to 1xbet, you need to log in to your personal cabinet and go to the betting history section. Here you can find information about the played and unplayed bets of the user. The bettor can select the parlay he is interested in and press the “Sell” button*. In a new window the information on the compensation amount from the bookmaker will appear (it will not be the maximum amount). If the player is satisfied with the refund amount of the parlay, he can press the “Sell” button again. The money will then be refunded to the player’s account within 20 seconds.

*Please note that you can sell your bet before any of the events in the Parlay

Экспресс дня 1хБет

What is a Day Parlay at 1xBet?

Often new users are afraid to place a multi bet. This is due to lack of experience in betting and the inability to make combinations correctly. In such a case, players can enlist the help of more experienced players, buy a forecast from a professional or take advantage of an offer from 1xBet. The latter option, known as “Parlay of the Day”, is available to all users.

Express of the day at 1xbet are combinations of bets offered by the bookmaker that include events on various matches (primarily top matches). Players can bet on any express bet. If they are successful, the user receives an extra 10% to their winnings. That is what makes the bookmaker’s express bets of the day interesting. However, the user should be aware that the office is not interested in winning clients’ money. Therefore, players should carefully check all the events in the express and choose the bet that can really win.

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