1xBet’s Betting Sales option: features and benefits

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Betting on sports always comes with a risk. Even the most experienced users make mistakes, let alone beginners. Therefore, the possibility of getting part of your money back in case of a negative outcome of a sporting event is a very useful option for bettors. And as you can understand from the title, bookmaker 1xBet provides its users with the option of “cashout” – redeeming or selling the bet. How it works and when players sell bets at 1xBet will be discussed in the article.

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What is “selling bets” at 1xbet: the concept of a cashout

When it comes to selling bets at 1xbet, one should understand the procedure of exchanging one’s slip (a bet that has not yet been played), after placing a bet, for a certain amount of money. The bookmaker’s office, apart from some promotions, never refunds all funds to the player. The amount of compensation or so-called cashout depends on the match, the predictions and the time that has passed since the bet was placed. If you do not take part in additional promotions, the funds are transferred to your main account and there is no wagering required.

1xbet betting is activated by default and is only available for pre-match events. The player does not need to set it up additionally and can use it immediately for coupons placed in the betting history. Note that both single and express bets can be refunded.

Reasons for selling bets at 1xBet

As mentioned in the introduction, selling bets is a competitive advantage of the 1xBet platform. Bettors can make mistakes in their predictions and being able to get some of the money back is far better than losing the entire bet amount. It is therefore not surprising that the “Betting Sales” option at 1xbet is actively used by both beginners and professionals.

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However, not all users understand in what situations they should give up the risk and return the bet before the start of the match. We have compiled the key reasons when using the “Sell Bet” option at 1xBet is appropriate:

  • Wrong prediction on a game. As only a pre-match bet can be sold, such bets can be placed long before the sporting event. As many factors (injuries, physical and mental tiredness, etc.) influence the result, the favourites may change before the game starts. Besides, in some cases the bettor has the possibility to return the bet after the match has taken place, when it has become clear that the outcome is not correct. The possibility of preventing a loss is therefore a key advantage of the “Betting sales” option.
  • The need to add to your bankroll. In our “Betting School” you can find several materials about the bankroll in betting. In situations where a player has not planned his strategy correctly and has used all available funds, a betting refund will help get “live” money for new bets.
  • Withdrawing money from the platform. If a user has wagered his entire deposit made to his 1xbet account and wishes to withdraw the money, the “Bet Sales” option can be used. In this case, the player will get some of the money back and add it to the withdrawal amount. Please note, however, that funds must be previously placed on other winning bets, otherwise they will be blocked until wagering.

In addition to the standard ‘Sell Bet’ option from 1xbet, there is also the ‘Sell Later’ option or aka betting insurance. This option will be dealt with in a separate article.

“1xbet – finding and using the option

After placing a bet, all the events are transferred to the “Betting history” section. Once logged into the personal cabinet, the user can view the coupons by going to the specified section and clicking on the “Sell” button for the specific event. In a new window, the bettor will be offered the refund amount and the opportunity to confirm the operation by clicking on the “Sell Now” button. Once the player agrees to the cashout, the money will be credited to the main account within 20 seconds.

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Thus, you can find the “Sell Bet” option for 1xbet in your personal cabinet (betting history section). All pre-match bets can be refunded if they have not yet been played (the match has not started). Although by taking part in some promotions, the player can return the funds in the pre-match bet even after the start of the match. Therefore, we recommend reading the current promotions from the bookmaker in the PROMO section to make the most of the betting refund option.

1xBet coupon sale procedure

Bookmaker’s office 1xbet uses several designations for the betting refund option: ‘Bet sale’ or ‘Coupon sale’. They are synonymous and can be used in promotional material by the bookmaker or users of the betting office.

In the previous sections we have given a short definition for “betting coupons”. It should be understood as the number of outcomes in a pre-match or live bet that are included in one bet. However, the 1xBet Coupon Sale option is only available for pre-match bets, which can be singles or parlays.

Each slip has its own number and the characteristics of the events (match name, odds, bet type). The user can view the coupons in the “Betting history” section, which is available in the personal cabinet. The coupon can also be viewed via the “Check Coupon” page on the bottom menu of the website.

To sell a coupon, the player must select a bet and click the sell button. After that, the player has to confirm the operation by clicking on the “Sell now” button. Only then will the sale of the 1xbet coupon take place.

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