1xBet trust bet: how do I get and use it?

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In an article about the types of betting available to users on 1xBet’s website, 1xBet trust betting was discussed. However, there are many questions among newbie bettors regarding receiving and placing such bets. And they have not been dealt with in detail in the mentioned material. Therefore, we have decided to provide answers to all queries of players wishing to use trusted betting.

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What is a trusted bet at 1xBet?

Bookmaker’s office 1xbet offers its regular players some “pluses”, which are not available on competitors’ sites. In addition to the bonus program, which allows earning extra points for activity on the portal, bettors can take advantage of trust betting at 1xbet. These are bets that users place for money provided by the bookmaker as an advance. Trusted bets are not available to all users of the betting house. According to the bookmaker’s terms and conditions, players who:

  • Have already withdrawn money and have not broken the portal rules. Newly registered users are deprived of the opportunity to use trust bets.
  • Have unmetered bets. Having such bets is a guarantee that the bookmaker will be able to get their money back.
  • Have a positive account balance. In such a case, the bookmaker also provides an advance, based on the availability of money in the player’s account. There must be no more than 20 units of money.
  • Place live bets or prematches, which will be settled within 2 days. The betting may be a single bet or an express bet.

If a user fulfils all the bookmaker’s conditions, he will be given a trust bet at 1xBet. The following sections will explain how to do so.

How is the 1xbet trust bet calculated?

Once users find out about the possibility of receiving money from the bookmaker as an advance, they expect large sums of money “on loan”. In fact, the algorithm for calculating a 1xbet trust bet is quite “tricky”. Users who have enough money in their account (more than 20 units of money), while fulfilling the criteria from the previous section, do not get an advance bet. And those players who are among the “lucky” ones can receive up to 50% of the unraised bets. For example, a user had $100* in their account. He bet $95* on 2 outcomes of football games. The final positive balance is $5*. In such a case, the bookmaker, having calculated the player’s winning probabilities, can offer no more than $30* as a 1xbet trust bet. With other inputs, the amount of the advance may change. It is calculated for each bet separately. *Or the equivalent of this amount in another currency. Доверительная ставка 1хБет

How do I place a trust bet at 1xBet?

As noted earlier, a user must fulfil a certain number of conditions in order to qualify for a trust bet. The question immediately arises, “How do I know if a trust bet is available at 1xbet?” To do so, a number of simple steps must be followed:

  1. Authorize on the website.
  2. Go to the Live section and add the event of interest to the betting slip. It is possible to choose the outcome for the pre-match event on the “Line” page. However, the player should search for the matches to be played in the next 48 hours.
  3. Look at the line “Available Advance” in the work panel (in the top right corner of the page). If the amount is available, the player can use it to place an “in advance” bet.

If the user has checked several bets and the value in the line “Available advance” is zero. In this case, the player is sure that he meets the requirements of the bookmaker’s office, you can contact the support service of 1xbet. It operates around the clock.

How do I redeem a trust bet at 1xBet?

An important advantage of a trust bet at 1xBet is that there is no commission for using the bookmaker’s money. However, don’t forget the eternal rule: “You take someone else’s money, you get yours back”. Therefore the player, after receiving the betting advance, has to return it to the bookmaker’s office. This is done automatically according to this scheme:

  • If the advance bet wins, the user will receive an amount excluding the advance.
  • If the advance bet does not win, the advance will be charged to the winning bet made with own funds.
  • If the advance bet and the own bet are both lost, the user’s account goes into deficit.

In the latter case, the player has to return the debt to the bookmaker and only then place new bets. On the first deposit, the money will automatically be deducted for the advance bet given.

What should I do if there is no 1xbet trust bet?

As noted earlier, a 1xbet trust bet is an added advantage for regular users of the office. Despite the fact that the user can meet all the conditions for its receipt, the bookmaker has the right not to provide this type of betting for the bettor. In this case, the player has only one option – to write to the support team. Representatives of the bookmaker’s office 1xBet will write what may be the reason for the lack of a trust bet. The user can find out whether it is a non-compliance with the conditions or the reason is related to other restrictions. Either way, the information will be useful and help the bettor sort out the issues. For our part, we recommend to use the bookmaker’s services more actively and then one can count on additional “pluses”.

More questions about 1xBet’s trusted betting

💵 How do I borrow money from 1xBet?

Many users are not aware of the possibility of borrowing money at 1xbet to place bets. While the bookmaker does not charge any commission for lending money. The main condition is to be an active user, who constantly places bets (to have uncounted bets). In that case, you can claim to lend money to place a 1xbet trust bet. How to use it is discussed in the article.

📋 What does a 1xbet trust bet mean?

A trust bet at 1xBet is understood to mean a bet which the player places for the bookmaker’s money. Hence the name “trust”, i.e. the bookmaker has entrusted his money to the user for a period of time until his bets have been settled. This gives the bettor an opportunity to bet on interesting events when there are no funds available in the account. Most importantly, the bookmaker does not charge a fee for lending money.

📝 What are the conditions for borrowing money from 1xBet?

In order to borrow money a user of 1xbet needs to meet some criteria. Firstly, it is worth actively placing bets and not breaking the portal rules. Secondly, have bets on matches that have not yet been played. Thirdly, it is necessary to have no more than 20 dollars, hryvnias, roubles or similar amount in another currency on the account. Fourthly, a sport and cybersport event should be in play or be no later than 2 days later. Only if these criteria are met will the bookmaker calculate the 1xBet bet confidence amount for the player.

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