1xBet sweepstakes: opportunities for players

1xBet ТОТО
Once users have learned how to predict the outcomes of sports events with a high winning percentage, they can try placing express bets at 1xBet. In addition to the classic combination bets, the bookmaker offers many other variations that allow you to significantly increase your betting winnings. And if players want to try something new, then the totalizators from 1xBet are definitely worth a look. Thanks to TOTO, a player can “raise” large sums of money. How? This will be discussed in the article.

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1xBet Totalizator: Features of TOTO

History of sports betting started long before the emergence of bookmakers. The first bets with a lot of participants were made as far back as in the times of Ancient Greece and Rome. The winners shared all the prize money and the losers were left with nothing. Today’s sweepstakes operate under a slightly different scheme, although very close to the historical one. Bets are taken on several events: a combination of matches offered by the bookmaker is created. The latter selects the matches from their offer. Thus the 1xBet totalizator should be understood as betting on the outcome or the exact score on several events selected from the bookmaker’s offer.

On many websites sports betting is also referred to as TOTO. These are synonyms that can be used in parallel. In addition, there are different variants of sweepstakes, which can be confusing for newcomers. For example, betting bank 1xbet offers bettors 7 TOTOs to choose from. We will look back at them in one of the following sections.

1xBet Toto rules

Totos are an interesting tool for extra winnings. However, players, as noted in the introductory section, need to predict the results of matches well in order not to lose their money contribution. In addition, it is important to read the rules of 1xBet TOTO. Since the bookmaker offers users different variants of sweepstakes, the rules for winning will differ. They can be found in detail on the TOTO page by selecting the relevant offer.

However, there are general guidelines for all sweepstakes. Therefore, we have written out the universal rules of Toto 1xbet:

  1. To win a bet, a certain number of outcomes need to be played. The number depends on the totalizator and starts from 2 selections.
  2. The amount of winnings depends not only on the bet amount, but also on the number of TOTO participants. The more players who place their bets, the higher the prize pool for the winners will be.
  3. Each totalizator accepts bets on a particular sport. The number of sports disciplines is limited.

For our part, we recommend that you try your hand at a series of express bets before you create combinations in TOTO. Remember that these bets are time-consuming.

1хБет ТОТО Пятнашка

1xBet’s Toto variations

In the TOTO section, users will find 7 different variations of totalizators from 1xbet. Let us briefly describe each of them:

  • The Pyatnashka totalizator is the most popular TOTO on the bookmaker’s website through a large prize pool. To get the minimum reward you need to guess the outcomes for 9 matches and the maximum is 15. The betting line includes matches from the second and third row championships.
  • Exact Score sweepstakes. A player must guess the correct score of 8 matches. The user will receive the reward, if his prediction is correct for at least 2 games.
  • The Football sweepstakes is similar to the Spotify sweepstakes. However, the player selects the outcomes for 14 matches. To win, it is necessary to select the correct outcomes for 9 games.
  • Hockey sweepstakes. Users should select the winners for 5 hockey games. However, bettors should not be fooled by the small number of outcomes. Predicting winners in hockey is much harder than in other sports.
  • Basketball Tote. On the TOTO page it is necessary to choose 9 winners of basketball games. The player wins if he guesses 4 outcomes.
  • Cyber Football sweepstakes. This TOTO will be of interest to fans of eSports. Its rules are identical to the Pyatnashka betting game, but it is based on football matches played virtually. Games will be simulated via Fifa software.
  • The 1xTOTO sweepstakes is not a bad tool to practice placing bets in the TOTO. The user selects the winners of the different matches and receives promo points if the prediction is correct. For 8 correct outcomes the player is awarded 100 points, 9 – 250, 10 – 1000, 11 – 5000 and 12 – 10000 points respectively. Then you can redeem all the 1xBet bonus points you receive for free spins and bets by going to the promo code showcase.

Thus, a user can choose the best TOTO option for themselves and try their hand at placing combined bets. We recommend starting with the 1xbet totalizator and then moving on to the paid services.

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1xBet Toto Results

Users who are just starting to try placing bets on sweepstakes wonder about the results of TOTO in 1xbet. We would like to point out that they depend on the selected offer. To get a win in hockey, it is enough to guess 2 outcomes, in Spotts, it is necessary to provide an accurate prediction for 9 games. It is easier for some players to make an accurate prediction of a match, while others can predict the result of a virtual match played in the Fifa sweepstakes.

Therefore, in order to get a result in TOTO 1xBet, you need to read the rules and make an accurate prediction. With proper betting planning, it is possible to make a handsome winnings. Therein lies the growing popularity of sweepstakes among the users of 1xBet.

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