1xBet conditional betting: features of the bet

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Bookmaker 1xBet is not only increasing the number of sporting events, but also adding new betting options. Among them is conditional betting 1xBet, which appeared in 2019. Some users, in the old fashioned way, confuse it with an advance or a trust bet. Despite the fact that some online resources equate these concepts, they are not the same thing. In this article, let’s describe what the features of a conditional bet 1xbet are and how to place it on the site.

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Definition of conditional bet 1xbet

Conditional betting appeared in the bookmaker’s offer not long ago, in 2019. In addition to the usual single bets and expresses, 1xbet anti-extra bet s and systems, users now have the option to create new variants of combinations. Thanks to 1xBet conditional betting, players can create a chain of related events. At the same time, various types of bets can be included. Thus, a 1xBet conditional bet is a bet that includes both singles and spreads that do not contain the same outcomes. The amount of winnings depends on the number of successful events in the combination. That is why it is important for the bettor to place his bets correctly, so as to make the maximum profit. We recommend starting with single bets on favourites and finishing with expresses that contain events where the participants have an equal chance of winning.

Features of conditional betting at 1xBet

Although a 1xBet conditional bet is a combination of different types of bets, it is not that difficult to form. It also has a number of advantages over classic combination bets. Условная ставка в 1хБет Let us highlight the key advantages of a conditional bet from 1xBet:

  • More chances of winning. Quite often, only the first event has to be played to make a profit. However, if the second bet is wrong, the combination may fail.
  • Smaller choice of events for betting. To form a conditional 1xbet bet, the player only needs to include 3 outcomes in the combination.

That said, conditional betting has a number of drawbacks:

  • The skill of calculating risks. To make a profit from a bet, it is worth taking into account the size of the winnings of the previous event in the combination. If it is the third and subsequent event, it is important to take into account the loss of the second event.
  • Complex formulas for calculating winnings. For beginners, it will be difficult to calculate winnings on your own. However, once the bettor understands how such bets work, all calculations will go quickly. They can be entered into a betting diary, which was written about in the Betting School.

Despite these disadvantages, contingent betting is quite an interesting tool to increase a bettor’s profits. Блоки в условной ставке 1хБет

Placing a conditional bet on 1xbet

In order to place a conditional bet on 1xbet, the user needs to follow the following steps:

  1. Authorize on the website.
  2. Go to the section with sports or cybersport events and find at least 3 matches.
  3. Add the selected matches to the coupon.
  4. Find a conditional bet in the list with bet types.
  5. For each event to specify the bet amount and sequence (by changing the block numbering).
  6. After filling in the fields place a bet.

The user can then view conditional betting information through their personal account (Betting History section). Here, the statements of the winning outcomes and the profit received will be displayed. It is also possible to find out the reason why the bet was lost.

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