1xBet betting history: how to view, delete and restore?

История ставок 1хБет
All users’ betting transactions are recorded on the website. They can be viewed in the “Betting history” section, which can be accessed through the bookmaker’s personal cabinet. In this way, users can find out all the key information about past bets, without checking coupons at 1xbet. However, sometimes players, due to carelessness, can delete the betting history of 1xbet. Therefore, they wonder how to restore it. The answer can be found on our website.

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How can I view my betting history at 1xBet?

After creating a bet on the bookmaker’s website, a coupon is generated. They have a unique number which you can use to check your betting history without logging in to 1xBet. This option is good when players place bets not on their PC. However, at home, when logging in to the bookmaker’s portal at all times, you can check the betting history of 1xbet via your personal account. In order to view past coupons and find betting results, you need to log in to the website. Then in your personal cabinet you need to go to the “Bets History” section. Here all the coupons are presented in a list. Clicking on a card will open additional match records. To find the desired slip amongst dozens or hundreds of others, you can use a handy filter.

How can I delete my betting history in 1xBet?

Players may want to delete one bet or the entire betting history at 1xBet. It is not difficult to do so, thanks to the user-friendly interface of the Bets History section. After going to the above page you need to find the desired bet from the list. If there are a lot of bets, the filter will help. When the coupon is found, you must click on “Delete” in the toolbar. After confirming the operation the bet will be deleted from the history. If a player wants to clear the betting history in 1xBet, he has to select all events by clicking on the respective button on the toolbar. The next step is to click on the “Delete” button. After that, all available coupons in the history will be deleted. История ставок 1xBet

How can I restore the betting history of 1xbet?

After a player has intentionally or accidentally carried out a deletion operation in 1xbet, it is not so easy to get them back. Wagers do not end up in the basket, from where they can be returned. They are immediately deleted from the bettor’s profile. Therefore, only the support service of the bookmaker can restore the betting history of 1xBet in the personal cabinet. However, there is an alternative option, how to return the betting history in 1xBet. To do so, you can use the “Request history” option located on the same page. After the request is processed, all the information about the placed bets will be sent to the bettor to the email indicated in the profile. In this way, the player will be able to see all the outcomes of the bets placed on the website. It should be noted that the bettor cannot delete his betting history without deleting his profile. However, the account will also be available on the server for some time in case of player’s fraud. Therefore, it will not be possible to hide possible betting frauds, such as betting on forks, for example.

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