How do I bet on 1xBet?

Как делать ставки 1хБет

Despite the fact that the 1xBet website has an intuitive interface, newcomers may encounter some difficulties when using it. This applies, among other things, to placing bets on 1xBet. And here it is not about theory (you can find a lot of useful information about sports betting in ourBetting School), but about the betting procedure itself. If you are also faced with this problem, look for answers in today’s article

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How to bet on 1xBet: available options

The bookmaker’s office offers users several tools to place a bet. Betting on 1xBet can be done through the official website (desktop and mobile version), a mobile app and a program for PC. Despite the variety of solutions, the interface of each tool will be similar. Therefore, it will be convenient for players to bet via smartphones as well as on desktop computers. Since players have questions regarding placing bets on different devices, we have prepared answers on how to use all the tools. However, the path for all cases will be very similar. You can read more about the steps players need to take when placing a bet in the following sub-sections of the article.

How do I bet on the 1xBet website?

When using the official website or a working mirror, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your personal cabinet (new users must register on 1xBet.
  2. Go to the “League”, “Live” or “Cybersport” page to select the event.
  3. Choose an outcome for betting (match of interest for betting).
  4. Add the outcome to the betting slip. After clicking on the numerical symbol of odds the bet appears in the working area on the right (the slip).
  5. Choose format of bet: single or form a combination. In the first case it is necessary to specify the bet amount and, if available, a promo code. Then place the bet by clicking on the corresponding button. For the second variant it is necessary to add at least one more outcome to the betting slip and select the combination variant (express, system, etc.). After that enter the amount and place a bet.

After that, the bet goes to the “Betting history”, where the player can follow the result. It is also possible to partially influence the bet by insuring or selling it. Делать ставки 1хБет We would like to point out that betting on 1xBet on the mobile version of the website is the same as on the desktop version. The only difference is in the rendering of the screens: the layout of elements and menus. The functionality of the portal does not change, irrespective of the device you choose.

How to bet on 1xBet from my phone?

According to a research paper by Ron Mondelson for the online publication, about 70% of bettors use their mobile phones for occasional betting. However, 40% bet from their phones all the time. So the importance of 1xBet’s mobile website and app cannot be underestimated. And the bookmaker has something to offer users who want to bet on 1xBet from their phone. Betting from gadgets is handy via:

  • The mobile version of 1xBet. It opens automatically when you visit 1xBet’s website from your phone. The main differences between the desktop and mobile version are in the menu (“Hamburger” located in the top right corner of the page), the layout of the screens and the navigation. Otherwise, betting on 1xBet from the mobile version of the portal is the same as with the main one: add an event to the betting slip, specify the amount, make the settings and click “Make a bet”.
  • 1xBet mobile app. You can download it from the official website of the office. The app is distributed free of charge for devices running Android and iOS. More details about placing bets in 1xBet mobile app will be discussed in the following section.

Вход в мобильную версию 1xBet

How to bet in 1xbet mobile app?

The first step for this option is to download and install the 1xBet mobile app. It is available in two versions: Android and iOS. The programme is available to download from the official website/mirror or AppStore (for Apple owners). Installation instructions are also available on the bookmaker’s portal. After logging in to the 1xBet mobile app, the player proceeds to the desired section to select a bet. Once you have decided on an event, you follow the same steps as on the website. The only difference will be the design of the screens.

How do I place a bet in the 1xWin betting software from 1xBet?

Windows users can download the 1xWin betting software for quick access to betting. It is available to download on the site of the office in the section “Desktop applications”. It is worthing that unlike the website, which can be blocked by internet service providers, bettors will have the option to place bets without using a VPN. The IP address and connection point change is done at the software level. After installing 1xWin, the player has to log in. Next, the user will have to follow the same steps as on the website. The design of the software replicates the bookmaker’s web portal. Программа для 1xWin

How do I learn how to bet with 1xBet?

Many newbies think that betting on 1xBet is a matter of half an hour. All you have to do is choose an event and place a bet based on your intuition. However, after the first failure and loss of bankroll, users of the office change their opinion about sports betting. In fact, betting on sports is a painstaking job that requires knowledge and experience. If you have just started your journey into betting at 1xBet, we recommend that you read the lessons of our Betting School. Going through all the sections will give you the basic knowledge that will help you gain experience on the bookmaker’s site. All you need to do next is learn how to analyse and experiment with betting. And remember, only those who know how to lose win. So don’t be afraid of losing. They help you learn how to bet correctly on 1xBet. There will be a separate article on our website about knowing how to place a bet correctly.

Popular questions about 1xBet betting

✅ How do I place bets in 1xBet?

In order to start betting with 1xBet you need to sign in. So new users have to register first, make a deposit and only then place a bet. There is a slight difference in how to bet at 1xBet from a computer (desktop version of the website and betting software) and a phone (mobile version of the portal and mobile app). You can read about the process in detail in this article.

💲 What is the minimum bet on 1xBet?

Many newbies wonder what the minimum bet at 1xBet is. This value depends on the account currency chosen. That’s why you can find out the minimum bet on the 1xBet website when you make a bet. For example, the threshold may be 0.3 dollars, 0.2 euros, 10 roubles or 5 hryvnias for the indicated currencies.

❔ How do I place bets on 1xbet from my phone?

The bookmaker allows players to place bets on 1xbet from a mobile version of the website and app. In the first case, just go to, the design will automatically be adjusted to the size of the screen of your gadget. In the second case, you need to download the mobile app from the bookmaker’s portal. Each of these options is described in detail in the article.

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